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Fast Shipping!
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12 Volt Heated Fleece Blanket with Mini Power Station / JumpStarter

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

Heated Blanket with it's own Rechargeable Mini Power Station and Jump Starter

Great for Sporting Events, Camping and Emergencies!

12 Volt Heated Electric Blanket with it's own portable power supply! - Last up to two hours per charge and can be charged at home or in your vehicle!

The 12-Volt heated electric travel blanket is the ideal travel companion for all weather conditions. Offering both comfort and warmth. A 27" x 57" wrap around design is made of comfort fleece, and is perfect for warming one bench seat or two bucket seats at a time or just keeping you warm at sporting events! Features include an 8' long fused cord. Made of 100% high quality fleece. Great for cold morning starts or long hauls, the heated blanket will provide warmth, whether it's plugged in to it's own Rechargeable power supply or not.

This 12 volt heated electric blanket can be plugged into your cars 12-volt cigarette lighter to provide warmth when your car has been left out in the cold or the weather is inclimate. The high-quality blanket is warm, soft, durable 100% polyester fleece, and can be used as a regular blanket during warmer weather without being plugged in to your car or Rechargeable portable power supply. Rechargeable mini power station can be used to quick charge cell phones, Camcorders, boost jump vehicle battery, etc.

This Rechargeable portable power pack is a 12-volt, 300 amp-sealed lead acid battery that can jumpstart vehicles, power most all 12 volt applicances, and has a Built-in a 260 PSI air compressor to inflate tires in an emergency. It has a 12-volt accessory (cigarette lighter) outlet. The kit includes AC and DC chargers. 12 Volt Heated Fleece Blanket with Portable mini Power Supply can be heated up to 2 hours per full charge from power pack. Mini 12 volt Power Station recharges at home or in your vehicle with included adapters, so your jumpstart/Air Compressor is always available. Built-in 260 PSI Air Compressor. Fill a flat tire fast and easy. Also inflates air mattresses and more.

Blanket Features:

Great For Fast Heat On Cold Mornings
Plugs directly into its' own rechargeable portable 12 volt power supply
Can also be plugged into your vehicles cigarette lighter socket
Good For Long or Short Trips and sporting events
Low amperage draw (4.2Amps/50.4 Watts)
27" X 57" Large Blanket
8 Foot Long Cord
100% High Quality Polyester Fleece
Zippered Storage bag

Color: navy blue. Dry clean or spot hand wash with damp cloth

Portable Power Station Features:

Compact Design stores easily!
Jumpstart Gets Your Dead Battery Going with 300 Cold Cranking Amps
Reverse Polarity Indicator Ensures Correct Hook-Up
260 PSI Air Compressor Inflates Tires Fast and Easy
Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Can be Recharged at Home or In Your Vehicle with Adapters, included
Voltage: 12 volts
DC Output: 12-volt
Boost Rate: 300 amps
Weight: 10.0 lbs.
Approx. Size: 9" x 8. 3/4" x 6"
Color: Red/Black
Convenient Charging Indicators
High Impact Rubberized Housing for Safe Secure Grip
L.E.D. Battery Level Indicator
On-Board Outlet for Powering 12-Volt Devices with Short Circuit Protection
Safety On/Off Switch

Includes AC & DC Charging Adapters and Inflator Nozzles