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Fast Shipping!
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15 Gallon Plastic Water Barrel, FDA-Approved Water Storage Container

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

All New FDA Water Barrels are brand new and factory fresh, pressure checked, leak tested to assure the highest quality.

Our NEW 15 gallon water storage containers are also referred to as a water storage drum and water storage barrel, are made of the best material and are DOT and UN approved for the storage of drinking water to insure water containment even in an earthquake. Fold-down handle to insure safe portability. Each 15 gallon water barrel includes a 2" and a 3/4" fine thread plug for easy access and to use various barrel pumps and barrel faucets. A knock-out plug is provided in each plug, simply use a knife to cut the plug out, (be careful not to damage 3/4" threads) than a spigot may be installed. Be sure to purchase a 3/4" threaded plug (see water container accessories) to plug the 3/4" opening after removing the spigot. It is not a good idea to store your water container for long periods with the spigot or pump installed.

Dispense what you need and preserve the rest with these blow-molded, FDA approved HDPE 15 gallon water containers. Closed-head plastic, round water storage containers allow you to dispense as much water as you need while safely preserving what remains. Made from 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE), rugged closed-head plastic water storage container can withstand temperatures well below freezing and can be hot filled. Light, strong, recyclable and suitable for foods materials. UN-rated, FDA-approved. Color: Blue Opaque.


In an emergency, an ample water supply is a priority. Needs will differ, depending upon age, physical condition, activity, diet and climate, but most people need to drink at least two quarts, which is equal to eight cups, of water each day. Hot weather conditions can double the amount needed, and children, nursing women and ill people also will need more.

In general, We recommend storing a minimum of one gallon (preferably two gallons) of water per person per day, for two weeks of drinking and food preparation and other limited uses such as hand washing, brushing teeth and dish washing.

We do not recommend storing water in glass containers, used milk or thin water containers sold at most supermarkets. They become brittle with time. Also never-ever use any previously used plastic containers or barrels, even ones used for syrups and concentrates. These containers absorb and retain the residual of anything put into them regardless of how much prior cleaning you give them, thus contaminating your water reserve (and causing it to taste terrible).

Beware of savvy people selling used containers as being safe. Do not use pool, spa or water bed water for drinking; the acids, algaecides and other chemicals can be harmful or deadly if ingested.

Our 15 gallon water storage containers are new and have never been previously used. They allow you to safely and affordably store your emergency drinking water. Our 15 gallon water containers can be stored indoors or out and are made to withstand hot and freezing temperatures. We never sell used containers. We sell only brand-new, food-grade, FDA, DOT, and UN certified containers. This rating is added insurance that your water container will be able to to take extra abuse and still provide excellent protection for your water reserves.

Each water storage barrel comes with a 2" and 3/4" fine thread plug to allow the use of our faucets (spigot) or pumps (sold separately) that can easily be attached for convenient pouring withour lifting the container.

Material: FDA approved plastic
Usage: 15 gallon water barrel
size: 26"H x 14"Diameter
Color: Blue Opaque

Excellent for emergency drinking water storage
Weighs approx: 130 lbs when full
Can be stored inside/outside
DOT and UN Approved for drinking water