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Fast Shipping!
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Thermo-Lite: Extreme Survival Emergency Bivvy Sleeping Sack (Two Person)

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Product Description

No one anticipates spending a night out because of an emergency--that would be like planning to get mugged. But when a companion breaks his ankle late in the day, or a storm strands you on the wrong side of a pass, an emergency "space blanket or bivouac sack may make the difference between shivering all the way to hypothermia and simply whiling away the hours until sunrise or rescue. Bivouac sacks and blankets made of thermal reflective materials like Mylar weigh almost nothing, cut the wind, and stop up to 80 percent of radiant heat loss.

Unfortunately, most of those sacks and blankets are fragile, and strong winds (the kind that make you really need shelter) can shred them right off you. The Thermo-Lite Emergency Bivvy Sack withstand such conditions, though. This full-size, 2 person climb-in, water- and windproof sack weighs only 12 ounces, it comes with a sturdy nylon storage bag, and is made of tough, four-ply Thermo-Lite fabric that makes it repackable and reusable in all weather conditions. Despite being aluminized, the material is nonconductive, so it's safe to use it during an electrical storm.

An ideal survival bag for hiking and emergency backup "just in case". Made of tough four ply waterproof,windproof fabric (Thermo-Lite) which will hold up to abuse while providing a soft feel and moisture wicking capibilities. Foot vent and large adjustable opening prevents occupant from getting overly hot or clammy. Reusable. Packaged in lightweight nylon carry sack. WEIGHT: 12 oz. SIZE: 84" x 46" (One Person Bivvy Sack Shown)