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Fast Shipping!
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Aqua Blast Personal Watercraft Air Horn Boat Signal

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Product Description

Aqua Blast Personal Watercraft Air Horn Boat Signal


You can be safe in the water and the Aquablast Personal Watercraft Horn addresses that loud and clear. Simply attach to your personal flotation device and you've got all the protection you need with the push of a button. 100% ozone safe, rust resistant, and non-flammable. Delivers a piercing blast that signals for help even after being submerged in water. Attaches to your personal flotation device in seconds. Built to keep on working. Almost impossible to lose in the water- It Floats! Refills readily available.

Great for Sporting Events, Boating, Personal Safety & Emergencies. Our horns contain no CFC's and meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements

Size: 4.5" High x 1.5" Can Diameter, add .25" for horn top
Meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements
Hook & Loop Strap included
Contents: 1.5 oz.

Think of these air horns as an integrated system for making yourself heard, an ideal tool for emergency vehicles, trucks, boats, and industrial plants. Incorporating an airhorn system into your emergency preparedness plan and kit creates the attention-grabbing sound you need. our airhorns meets the United States Coast Guard requirements for recommended boat lengths. Plastic air horn. Metal can. A safety air horn can be a lifesaver. Keep an air horn on your boat, at the office in case of an emergency, or bring to sporting event to get attention, either way an air horn is a great investment and a handy blast of sound to have around. Many women have found comfort by having an airhorn by their bedside on the nightstand for an extra measure of security. For boating and hiker safety carry a loud noise making airhorn! From sportsman to sport fans an airhorn is just the right tool.

  • Personal Safety & Security
  • Wilderness Medical Emergency
  • Police & Paramedic
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Sporting events
  • Industrial Safety
  • Outside signal horn
  • Watercraft safety
  • Fishermen
  • Hikers safety
  • Bear alert