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Fast Shipping!
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Item Code: 2001-04
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Aqua Literz Purified Emergency Drinking Water Boxes 75 Case Pallet

Price: $2,265.00

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

Aqua Literz® Emergency Drinking Water Boxes 75 Cases/Full Pallet - Delivered

Attention: Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Military & Public Safety Officials

$1685.00 + 580.00 Freight = Total $2,265.00 Delivered to most Continental U.S.A, Destinations.

Considering the broad nature, scope, and length of emergencies that could contaminate public drinking water supplies, a "pro-active" emergency water response plan is essential because the availability of potable drinking water is vital for the survival, safety, and welfare of first responders and victims of an emergency event.

• Severe weather…hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, winter storms
• Natural disasters…earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions
• Pandemics…influenza, H5N1 avian bird flu, H1N1 swine flu
• Terrorism…homeland security Concerns
• Bio terrorism…anthrax, plaque, Q fever, ricin, tularemia
• Radiation emergencies…dirty bombs, nuclear blasts
• Chemical emergencies…nerve agents, chlorine, toxic alcohols
• Hazardous material transfers

Why Not Bottled Water? Because of bottled water's inherited properties of processing, packaging, methods of storage, and the risk of water born bacteria development, the Center for Disease Control and the Red Cross recommend changing stored bottled or jug emergency water every 6 months.

"Aqua Literz are the state-of-the-art product for storing water." --- Captain Van Ausdell, City of Beverly Hills Police Department

Aqua Literz® Purified and commercially sterile drinking water packaged in individual.

Case Pack 12 individual units packed in shrink-wrapped cardboard case.

Individual Unit Size 6.50" high x 3.75" wide x 2.50" deep

Unit Contents 33.8 Oz. 8-1/2 cup servings (One litre) drinking water

Case Contents 3.17 gallons water per case

Case Dimensions 16" long x 8"wide x 6.75" high

Square feet/Case .94

Case Weight 29 Lbs.

Pallet Pattern 75 cases/pallet

Pallet Weight 2,200 Lbs (75 cases) + 45 Lb pallet wt (on a 44" x 38" hardwood pallet.)

Pallet Height 45" including pallet

Temperature Range -22ºF to +150ºF (-30ºC to +60ºC)

Packaging Water and packaging comply with standards for purified drinking water, with a 5 year shelf-life. Units are made of corrosion -resistant material and are hermetically sealed.

U.S. Coast Guard Approval Aqua Blox are U.S. Coast Guard approved.

What are Aqua Literz?

Purified, commercially sterile drinking water boxes, aseptically packaged, excellent taste, economical.

Water and packaging both comply with and surpass Federal standards for purified drinking water.

Water is easily dispensed through flip-top

When frozen, may be used as a first-aid cold pack for bruises, sprains, and other injuries. Longer lasting and significantly less expensive than freezable chemical cold packs.

The configuration of Aqua Literz® cases and individual units makes it easy to stack.

Very functional for wound cleansing. By puncturing dispensing hole with straw, Aqua Literz® can be squeezed to eject a water stream with enough pressure to aid in removal of infectious particles from wounds.

Can be stored at Emergency Operations Centers (EOC's) and used as drinking water, without interruption of work. Eliminates need for drinking utensils. Useful for food preparation.

Effective means of dispersing drinking water to emergency personnel during field operations: fires, earthquakes, floods, events requiring crowd control, command posts. Each unit (33.8 oz) 8-1/2 serving. Easily dispensed to evacuees, homeless, retirees, children, incapacitated people, and others, by emergency personnel at a multi-casualty care center, Red Cross center, or field hospital.

When empty, the top portion of Aqua Literz® can be unfolded and cut off to serve as a durable cup for liquids or food. Simplifies water rationing and water management. All units are date coded and marked as to contents and suggested uses.

Aqua Literz® drinking water units are U.S. Coast Guard Approved.


Storing water isn't easy!

Aqua Literz® is a purified water product packaged in aseptic (litre box) containers. "Purified" water means that the water contains less than 10 parts per million of total dissolved solids, i.e., minerals.

The water used in Aqua Literz® is also commercially sterile, which means there is no microbial growth in it. This is achieved with our unique aseptic package which has seven layers of specially laminated material. Conversely bottled water always has some bacteria present. Bacteria multiply continually and after several months the bacterial count in bottled water escalates to the point of rendering the water unfit for human consumption.

How does Aqua Literz® avoid contamination?

The special layers in the Aqua Literz® package called "laminates" prevent any source of contamination from penetrating. This includes light, oxygen, debris, and so forth.

How can Aqua Literz® water last 5 years?

There are four factors which must be present to allow any water product to have a 5 year shelf life.

The water must be sterile. This is accomplished through Ultra High Temperature pasteurization (UHT). The interior of the water container must be sterile. The entire interior surface of the Aqua Literz® packaging is sterilized during the filling process.

The container must be airtight. The Aqua Literz® package is airtight. This is accomplished by using multi-layer laminates in the packaging which create a barrier impermeable to outside elements and contaminates. Since plastic breathes, bottled water cannot be made to last more than a few months.

The container must be resistant to light. The laminated layers in the Aqua Literz® aseptic container are designed to prevent light from entering. Light is a catalyst for microbial growth and therefore must be eliminated to give water an extensive shelf life.

Aqua Literz® is the first and only aseptically packaged water in North America. Europeans have been using aseptically packaged water since 1973. The drink box (aseptic package) was invented in Europe to prolong the shelf life of many beverages, including water.

It is important not to confuse other aseptically packaged beverages with Aqua Literz® aseptically packaged water. Juices and other beverages do not last 5 years because they have other components (substrates) in them which naturally break down over time. Purified water has no substrates; its only component is the water molecule.

Finally, the packaging material used for water differs considerably from the material used for other beverages. With Aqua Literz®, there is a special poly laminate layer along the interior surface of the box. This layer is referred to as the "water paper liner", which prevents water molecules from touching the aluminum foil layer and rendering an unsavory metallic taste. The manufacturers of Aqua Literz® believe it is important that the water taste pleasant, in addition to having an extensive shelf life.

What proof do I have that Aqua Literz® will last 5 years? Aqua Literz® are U.S. Coast Guard Approved. This means they have been approved by the United States government for military use. To gain Coast Guard Approval, multiple samples of product must undergo a rigorous battery of tests, which can take up to eighteen months to complete. A Coast Guard approved laboratory performs the tests and determines that the water will last five years. Additionally, every time Aqua Literz® is manufactured, samples are sent to a government approved lab. The product must pass all tests before it can be released.

The "pouch-type" water package has only 3 layers of a material called Mylar, a form of metal. The water in the pouch touches the Mylar layer. Water next to metal is highly reactive and therefore trace components from the Mylar can leach into the water giving the pouch water an unusual taste. There is no Mylar in Aqua Literz® Additionally, Aqua Literz® has a total of 7 layers, one of which protects the water's taste. Research has found that children are especially opposed to drinking water with an unusual taste.

In an emergency situation, dehydration is a serious risk and it is therefore critical that the water be pleasant enough for everyone to consume.

Aqua Literz® are great for...

Water Rationing
Emergency Operations Centers
Emergency Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles
First-Aid Kits
Boats and Aircraft
Search and Rescue
School Buses

Remember... Water is the single most important item necessary for survival, (next to air).

A person can survive for long periods (weeks) without food, but only for short periods (days) without water. In general terms, the human body requires 4 times as much water as food. Therefore, for every pound of food consumed in one day, it is necessary to consume about 4 pounds of water (which is about 1/2 gallon).

The safest and best way to store water is to have an aseptically packed (sterile & without microorganisms) water product which has a 5 year shelf-life. No water product can claim longer than 5 years, and have a military approval rating. The Aqua Literz brand is guaranteed to last 5 years, is aseptic, sterile, free from microorganisms, and military approved.

Store enough purified drinking water so that each person you are provisioning for has about 1/2 gallon (8 cups) per day for drinking.

Beyond the 1/2 gallon drinking water required daily for survival, each person in an emergency situation needs 2 - 3 gallons / day for cooking and general hygiene.