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Fast Shipping!
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Aurora Magnesium Fire Starter

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Product Description

Aurora Magnesium Fire Starter

The Aurora Magnesium Fire Starter is rugged, and is designed for survival conditions. The Aurora Fire Starter uses a large 1/4" (.635cm) diameter composite flint steel rod that has magnesium built into it. The built-in Striking Blade could be a lifesaver! You can wear our lightweight Aurora Fire Starter on your key ring or around your neck on a lanyard and if you are ever separated from your pack or knife you will still have everything you need to start a fire. The built-in Super Alloy Striking Blade is made from a tungsten, carbide, cobalt alloy that takes off enough material to start a fire but will not cause excessive wear. This new Super Alloy Striking Blade will not dull and is harder than any knife blade you will find. Our built-in Striking Blade is part of the unit and will not get caught on equipment, break off, or rattle while in combat, or while hunting - like other fire starters that have a blade hanging from a string.

The Aurora Magnesium Fire Starter is designed to function wet or dry, is machined from solid light-weight aircraft aluminum (NO PLASTIC!), is knurled for grip, and will not break when you need it most. Our Aurora Fire Starter has an o-ring seal to prevent the housing from unscrewing and provide protection from corrosion in salt and fresh water environments. The Aurora Magnesium Fire Starter is designed to last a life time and provide you with fire when the emergency situation occurs.

Lightweight and designed for outdoor adventurers and pilots who like to be prepared, the Aurora Fire Starter has even climbed Mount Everest (2SA Model). The Aurora Fire Starter will start a lifetime of campfires for most users. Equipped with a built-in guided striking blade and ferrocerium flint steel rod with magnesium within its composition - yielding sparks as hot as 5000 degrees F.

Model: 2SA Silver.

Length. 3 1/2"

Diameter: .625"

Material: Knurled silver aluminum casing with composite flint steel magnesium rod.

Container: O-ring sealed. Built-in super alloy

Using Your Aurora:

To start a fire using our Aurora Fire Starter you:

1.Place your fire starting material on the ground (plain cotton balls, dryer lint, toilet paper, birch bark, milk weed fluff, burdock, or fine dry grass work ,but any fine dry tinder usually found in the wild can be used).

2. Open your Aurora Fire Starter.

3. Scrape the composite flint steel/magnesium rod with the built-in Super Alloy Striking Blade (note: it may be necessary to scrape off protective coating on rod first with striking blade) while aiming the hot burning sparks at your tinder and you have FIRE!

The Aurora magnesium fire starter is designed to function under the most extreme conditions and is made from corrosion resistant high strength materials, and, will be your faithful fire starter for many years.

Created and manufactured by Solo Scientific in the USA to be used to start your campfires. Our goal was to design and manufacture the best all-around survival fire starter in the world and we have absolutely done it! These New Models are AEROSPACE QUALITY! Our Aurora Fire Starter is a true survival tool and will work in any environment that will support life! Always be prepared! Our Aurora Fire Starter will start a lifetime of campfires for most users.