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Ten Person Business Pandemic Preparedness Supply System™

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Product Description

Busy professionals do not have the time required to research, source and purchase, if available all the essential items need to prepare an organization. Our business is preparedness, it is what we do everyday and what we do very well. Below you will find the item needed to properly prepare your business in the event of an avian influenza outbreak.

A complete business pandemic Avian Influenza (bird flu) preparedness solution. The items in this system are included due to the basis of a real-life pandemic outbreak and for their reliability, compactness, simplicity of use and portability.

This complete Business Pandemic Preparedness Supply System™ will care for 10 employees for up to 15 days of food, water and sanitation. The pandemic supplies will provide protection up to 30 days. it includes essentials such as water storage containers, food (MRE Meals), sanitation supply, light, communication, first aid supply, N95 face masks, tyvek disposable clothing, disposable non-latex gloves, Sani-Dex Germ and virus Hand cleaners, Sani-Cloth Germ and virus surface cleaners and more!

This system has the ability to provide protection for longer periods by purchasing additional supplies for the duration desired. These items can be found throughout our site and may be added at anytime.


Ordering for a larger facility? This system is designed to be flexible and meet the needs of a larger company by simply ordering in multiples as needed. No Overlapping, No Waste!

All businesses must be prepared in the event of a pandemic outbreak due to H5N1 Avian Influenza (bird Flu).

Prepare today to assure your family, yourself, and your workplace will be protected in the event of a catastrophic pandemic outbreak.

Safety Central Influenza Pandemic defense products are approved by the U.S. government and recommended by (WHO) The World Health Organization, (CDC) The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and are manufactured using the strictest quality control guidelines. The individual components included in our Pandemic Defense Kits™ are in daily use in medical centers, government hospitals, ambulances, health facilities and humanitarian efforts worldwide for the prevention and control of viral infection. The medical industry acknowledges the fact that these items will become scarce if a pandemic avian influenza outbreak should occur. All items are currently in stock and available for immediate delivery. Place your order today to assure your family, yourself, and your workplace will be prepared in the event of a catastrophic pandemic outbreak.

"It is easier to prepare for an emergency ... than it is to explain why you didn't".

H5N1 has caused infections in humans, poultry, wild birds and other animals. And it's no longer just Asia's problem. The virus has spread rapidly to the Middle East, Europe and Africa and experts are anticipating the arrival of the virus in the United States by fall or sooner. There are three main ways in which scientists believe avian influenza will arrive in North America. One, by commercial transport — egg products, illegal and legally (imported) birds, or smuggled meat. The second is on the wings of migratory birds. Those would be birds that come from Asia and intermingle with birds from Alaska. The third way would be people — the arrival of someone who is ill. It will probably come to this country on an airplane with someone who is sick or incubating the virus. Unlike the annual flu virus, an H5N1 Bird Flu Pandemic has a mortality rate of 50%. Experts predict that a vaccine could take more than six months to develop and distribute from the start of a pandemic. In addition, antiviral drugs like Tamiflu are already in scarce supply and may not be effective.

Let Safety Central™ help you to BE PREPARED... Plan for your safety during an emergency. You've probably heard the old saying "Expect the Unexpected".

Join the hundreds of schools, apartment owners, renters, hotels, motels and small offices who have purchased our Emergency systems for their preparedness programs. These kits by their design are made to be placed just about anywhere and are portable and simple to use. They offer a quick and easy way for any business to be prepared.

Businesses have a unique situation at hand when it comes to disaster preparedness. As a business owner you are responsible for the well-being of your employees and customers when they are on your property. Whether it be an office building, shopping mall or restaurant, you have a responsibility to protect employees and customers against known risks.

Each N95 face mask can be safety used up to 8 hours, follow all instructions for proper use. All Respiratory systems must be protected from the possible infection of H5N1 Avian Influenza (bird flu). Safety Central's H5N1 Avian Influenza Pandemic defense products are U.S. governmentally-approved and produced under the strictest quality control guidelines by top medical manufacturers. Each item is regularly used in hospitals, ambulances, health workers, and medical facilities around the world for the prevention and control of viral infection.

With a Tyvek® suit you don’t have to compromise. That’s because Tyvek® suits deliver the best balance of protection, durability and comfort. Made using a proprietary manufacturing process, Tyvek® features a protective inherent barrier. Tyvek is 100% High Density Polyethylene, (HDPE), and it's generic trade name is "spunbonded olefin". So, unlike other protective suit fabrics, which have either a film or coating that can be easily scratched or worn away, Tyvek® provides barrier through the entire fabric. As a result, your protection is not compromised unless the clothing has been completely torn which isn’t easy to do because of the strength and durability of Tyvek.® Make sure you’re getting Tyvek.® Ask for it by name. Barrier Protection You Can Trust, Durability That Isn’t Easily Compromised.

Tyvek® is the industry standard for dry particulate barriers. Microscopic particles as small as 0.5 microns can’t pass through Tyvek® even after it’s been abraded. Tyvek® is an inherent barrier not easily scratched or worn away. Comfort You’d Never Expect Standing still, your body radiates heat and moisture vapor. So, it’s no surprise that working in protective apparel that can’t breathe escalates the problem dramatically and can affect productivity. It’s called heat stress. And, it can seriously compromise your safety, especially in hazardous environments.

Professional medical quality Nyplex or Nitril disposable gloves are a safe alternatives for a person who has allergies to latex. Easy on-and-off flexible, lightweight, fits either hand. Excellent for use with first aid and health care applications.


SUPER SANI-CLOTH - Individually packaged wipes are the first and only registered and approved germicidal, bactericidal, fungidal, virucidal disinfectant wiping cloth on the market that kills over 100 microorganisms including E-coli, Staph, Salmonella and HIV. SUPER SANI-CLOTH contains no alcohol. It is nonflammable, non-corrosive, non-caustic and non-toxic. SUPER SANI-CLOTH directions for use are unique in that they highlight the fact that microorganisms are actually removed from the surface by wiping with the towelette, and are killed in the towelette.

PDI® Sani-Dex® ALC Antimicrobial Alcohol Gel Hand Wipes, Individually packaged. A healthcare personnel handwash with broad spectrum bacterial efficacy containing 65.9 per cent ethyl alcohol. The emollient enriched formula wipes away debris and soil while maintaining moisture on the skin. It is fragrance-free and dye-free. Formulated to comply with the CDC Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Settings. Effective against a broad range of bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella choleraesuis, E. coli, bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Contains aloe vera, Glycerin, vitamin E and 65.9% alcohol.

This system provides enough water containers for you to store for drinking and personal care. Containers are shipped emtpy, upon arrival it is recommend that you fill and store the containers in safe, cool area. Most tap water may be stored without rotation up to one year without bacterial growth.

The best answer in an emergency is meals-ready-to-eat, MRE's are designed for long shelf lives while maintaining they’re nutritional quality, all contained in a simple, durable package. They require no preparation (no cooking required) and as such become the perfect solution as a survival food for any home or business emergency preparedness kit.

This system provides you with MRE meals that may be heated by placing in the sun, removing the contents and placing them in a microwave, conventional oven, or can be eaten cold if desired. MRE meals may be consumed directly from the pouch. MRE food pouches may be stored up to five years without rotation, ((Mre's may be stored for longer periods if stored in temperatures less than 65 degrees).

Part of your disaster preparations should include deciding where you and your employees are going to "go" if there is an interrution of your water supply. You can't flush toilets without water - which definitely has some negative connotations! For small businesses and apartment dwellers, communing with nature is not an option due to lack of privacy.

Finally a portable self-contained Sanitary toilet. Features a snap-on toilet seat & lid to hold bags in place. Holds up to a 350 pound person. Great for small and large businesses, and situations where other facilities are not available. A serious preparedness item.

In the event of a power failure caused by a natural disaster or other emergency, you will need to keep in touch with what is happening by monitoring the radio.

Take this dynamo radio with you anywhere, listen to your favorite tunes, the lastest weather alerts or light the way to safety! National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) 7 channel weatherband means you get the lastest local weather and alerts, plus this radio is weather resistant in case the weather turns on you!

Plastic sheeting offers the best versatile protection during or following a disaster. Clear plastic is provided so your can see which protected items that are under the plastic. Using the duct tape provided it can also be used to build an improvised shelter, ground cover, window, door, patch a roof, ponchos, boot covers, solar still and protect furniture, documents and essential items such as computers, phones and other sensitive communication equipment from water and weather damage.

A reflective blanket is essential when crisis strikes. The overall Warmth obtained from these blankets Can allay the effects of hypothermia. Don’t let unexpected emergencies leave you in the cold. knitted caps are an essential piece of gear for any disaster. A knit cap should be available for each person in the event of a disaster and is an essential item to be included all survival kits.

All of our systems are assembled using the highest quality components and are packed to provide the end-user the most efficient use of storage area with no-overlapping and no waste.

Business Pandemic Preparedness Supply System™- Ten Person

Business Pandemic Preparedness Supply System™ Content:

(40) Cases of MRE Meals (480 complete ready-to-eat meals)
(20) Five Gallon Water Storage Containers with Spigots
(2) Portable Toilets Pail with Seat & Lid (included supplies listed below)
(1) GPX Wind UP Weatherband AM/FM Radio with NOAA Alert
(10) D Cell industrial quality Flashlights
(2) 4 D Cell Fluorescent Battery Powered Lanterns
(28) D Cell Alkaline Batteries (for flashlights & Lanterns)
(1) Ten Person All Purpose First Aid/Medical Kit
(10) Deluxe All-Weather Thermal Reflective Blankets
(10) Knitted Caps
(50) Plastic Drinking Cups
(360) Paper Plates
(10) 3 Piece Polycarbonate Cutlery Set
(4) Packs of Water Purification Tablets
(20) Packs of 12 Heavy-Duty Toilet Bags
(15) Large Heavy-Duty Black Plastic Bags
(2) Roll of Clear Plastic Sheeting
(20) Rolls of Biodegradable Toilet Paper
(50) Biohazard Disposable Infectous waste bags
(5) Boxes of 12 Self-Dissolving Deodorant Packets
(5) Boxes of 100 Sanitizing Hand Wipes (Antimicrobial, Germicidal, Bactericidal, Disinfectant)
(5) Boxes of 50 Sanitizing Suface Wipes (Germicidal, Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal, Disinfectant)
(20) Boxes of 20 count N95 Respirator Face Masks
(10) Boxes of 50 Count Non-Latex Medical Quality Disposable Gloves
(30) Tyvek Disposable hooded Coveralls (Large Size to fit most employees)
(10) Indirectly Vented Anti-Fog Safety Goggles
(2) Rolls of Caution Tape
(1) 13-Function Knife
(2) Rolls of Duct Tape