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Fast Shipping!
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Candle Cooking Kit w/Folding Stove & 36 Hour Survival Candle

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Product Description

Candle Cooking Kit with Folding Stove & 36 Hour Survival Candle

Candle Stove Cooking Kit Contains:

(1) Folding Stove
(1) Nuwick 36 Hour multi-Wick Candle w/Matches


Candles have long been used for emergency backup lighting. Conventional candles offer only a single flame, shorter burn time and minimal light. That is until now. Our 36-hour Survival & Emergency Candle is amazingly versatile. They can be used to provide light, heat, or you can even cook with it!

This is the best Candle Stove Cooking kit to hit the market in years. You can buy this package that has long lasting multi-wick candle that can warm food for up to 36 hours before the candle needs to be replaced. Using 1 wick will burn about 36 hours, 2 wicks for 24 hours, and all 3 wicks at once about 12 hours - that's a long time. Use the stove to boil a few cups of water at a time, cook some eggs, make tea, coffee or whatever will fit the stove. Great for heating water for freeze dried camping and survival food kits, even MRE.s. Don't forget that the candle is a great 36 hour hand warmer. Don't worry about opening it and not using the whole can, it can be stored indefinably and re-used until the candle is replaced. A super product and a great price!! Best used with smaller "camping" pots and pans and less amounts of food and water to assure maximum heating efficiency.

A single wick will burn 36 hours and if more light, heat or cooking capabilities are needed, add another wick only 2 wicks needed for cooking - specially formulated non-toxic slow-burning wax is contained in a metal can that won’t tip and has a lid for storage. Matches are included, 3 wicks per can.

The candle metal container is designed not to tip over when placed on a level surface. Can has a snap-on metal lid that acts as a storage case for the INCLUDED matches. They'll always be there when you need them.

Stove measures Size 6.5" x 6.5" x 5" high when opened
Stove weight: 14.2 oz
Stove Color: Black
Candle size: 4" diameter x 1.25" high
Candle Weight: 6 oz.
Includes 3 wicks
Includes Matches!


Ideal for Camping, Hiking, Boating & RV, POWER OUTAGES, CAMPING, HUNTING & More!

Keep on hand in case of a Disaster or Emergencies!

Unique "Candle in a Can". Military proven!