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Fast Shipping!
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Air Sick Bags for Motion Sickness & Disposal of Vomit & Urine, (12 Pack)

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

At Last! Peace of mind for sufferers of motion sickness

Motion sickness Bags are reliable and handy, fitting easily into gloveboxes, pockets of car seats, handbags, rucksacks etc. for quick and easy use.

Our line of air sick bags, sea sick bags will provide a sanitary solution for sick passengers.

Have you succumbed to the unbridled joy of Air Sickness Bag Collecting? Do you have vomit fever?

No more kids accidents in the car or personal accidents aboard aircraft & watercraft thanks to the (Flight Bag), CONVENIENCE BAG it fits easily into pockets, purse, glove compartments, or in back of auto or aircraft seat storage pockets for use at a moments notice! Also called air sick bag or air sickness bag. Great for use on buses, airlines, car trips or other moving vehicles. Also commonly known as Airsick or Seasick bags. Our Airsick bags are used by private pilots and all airlines. Our seasick bags are used by cruise ship lines, fishing boat operators, etc.

These Convenience motion sickness bags are commonly distributed to passengers on airplanes and boats to collect and contain vomit in the case of motion sickness. Plastic Seasick bags and airsick bags. Hovercraft-ferry operators and even train companies have also been known to supply these airsickness bags. Pregnant women with morning sickness and travelers who know they are prone to motion sickness will sometimes use our vomit bags. Air Sick Bags, Sea Sick Bags.

ONE HAND USE - Airsick bags have an Extra-wide, rigid collar allows easy use for women as well as men and children

AIRSICK BAGS - Attached hand protection sleeve, fits large and small hands

AIRSICK BAGS - Simply press ends of collar bottom to open and place over mouth. For added safety, fold in collar on scored line

AIRSICK BAGS - Won't leak, Inner valve automatically seals shut . Prevents contents from leaking or spilling even if dropped. NO STRINGS No strings, no twist ties necessary as in other products. Automatic seal means no spills, no clean-up, no mess, no odor.

Bags offers these benefits to sufferers of motion sickness as well as morning sickness.

Motion sickness relief
Relieves anxiety
Gives peace of mind
Children can use them
Saves you money
Practical, reliable and discreet
Convenient, sanitary