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Fast Shipping!
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Mens & Womens Disposable Travel Underwear, Briefs, Panties All Sizes - Wear & Discard!

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Product Description

Mens & Womens Disposable Travel Underwear, Briefs, Panties All Sizes - Simply Wear & Discard!

Le Brief (womens) and Yo!Brief (Mens) is an alternative to traditional underwear -- when access to laundry facilities is either inconvenient or impossible

Ultra-soft disposable underwear created for traveling. Designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience. No washing needed!

Le Brief (womens) and Yo!Brief (Mens) Disposable underwear are an answer to your uncompromising personal hygiene needs and desires for convenience. They are as soft as silk, inexpensive, ideal and essential for camping, travel, healthcare and personal needs.

Le Brief (womens) and Yo!Brief (Mens) look and feel of real underwear, but completely disposable. There’s no need to waste time on laundry while traveling or to pack dirty underwear for the flight home. These comfortable, affordable briefs are also the perfect solution if you’re worried about problems with prostate, urinary, bladder or menstrual conditions. Men’s and women’s styles available. Disposable Underwear comes in packs of five.

No washing needed! These disposable under pants are Perfect for sweltering climates, these lightweight disposable briefs are made of extra soft polypropylene with a breathable 100% cotton liner. They’re so durable that you could even wash and wear them a few times before disposing of them, and they pack in a fraction of the space of regular underwear.

These disposable briefs are especially useful for ladies experiencing their monthly cycles or going through their post-natal period. They make memorable, suprising and thoughtful gifts. These disposable underpants are also great aids for unexpected overnight guests

Available in *Small, Medium, Large and extra Large in Mens' and Ladies'sizes. *Small Only in Mens Size.

Note: Underwear are sized for women at Hip measurement and men at Waist.

We are proud to introduce these lightweight comfortable disposable briefs. Imagine the possibilities:

Le Brief (womens) and Yo!Brief (Mens) are made of extra soft polypropylene, disposable underwear panties are brief-cut and feature a 100% cotton crotch liner with a fashionable pico trimmed waist. Elastic waistband and leg openings ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Made of the same breathable material hospital gowns are made of. Who wants to go on vacation and do laundry and carry it back With you. With these Disposable Briefs you just might not have to.

Why polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a modern synthetic performance fabric. It is widely recognized for its ability to wick away perspiration and moisture, keeping you dry - and comfortable. Polypropylene is commonly used to produce activewear & sportswear, socks, and thermal underwear. Benefits include:

• Very rapid drying
• Wicking properties help to warm in cold weather and cool in hot climates
• Odor resistant
• Stain and mildew resistant
• Strong and durable
• Very lightweight and comfortable
• Travel
• Camping
• Hiking
• Overniters
• Boating
• Exercising
• Hospital Stays
• Disaster Preparedness
• Emergencies

Weight: 2 oz.
Count: 5 Pair
Package Size: 6" x 3.5" x .1"

Wear while traveling, camping, before or after a workout, hospital stays, during menstrual days, dorm stays, spa visits-Perfect for everyday.

Handy whenever laundry is past due-Or just keep as backup in your gym locker or gym bag.