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Fast Shipping!
Most orders ship within 24 hrs.
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Double bag it! Double Doodie Toilet Waste Bags

Price: $12.98

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

Double bag it! Double Doodie™ Toilet Waste Bags

For the best security against leaking, you can't do better than Double Doodie™ Toilet Bags!

Tired of having to clean or throw away your bucket after you finished your business? Well now we have the perfect solution...Double Doodie Toilet Waste Bags!

Sealable, leakproof bag within a bag system; 6 per box

Proper sanitation and waste disposal is essential to stop the spread of disease, especially during natural disasters and emergency conditions.

If water is not available to flush toilets such as in earthquake, tornado or hurricane damage, you can use our Double Doodie™ Toilet bags which then can be properly disposed of in the garbage.

For easy, no mess waste disposal

Use with our Portable Bucket Toilet, Hassock Waste System, Folding Toilets or with most any portable toilet.