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Fast Shipping!
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Driveway Patrol: Motion Activated Wireless System Alerts you when someone comes onto your property

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Product Description

!! Motion Sensor for Mailbox Safety & Security !!

The Driveway Patrol is an infrared sensor that alerts you when someone crosses its path. When placed across the driveway, mailbox or on your porch, a pleasant chime will sound, alerting you in the house that someone has come onto your property. This amazing wireless technology will send a signal to its receiver up to 400 ft away! It is wireless to provide easy mobility and the ability to be placed anywhere in the house. You will always know that someone is coming up to your house way before they get there!! It installs in seconds with only a screwdriver and only needs batteries to operate!!

Includes Sensor & Receiver
Sounds Alarm Inside Your Home
Up to 400 ft. Range
Completely Wireless System
Know when vehicles enter & Exit
Great for monitoring garages & Worksites
Monitor Mailbox activies from a distance
Pleasant yet noticeable Chime Alarm