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Fast Shipping!
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Falcon® Mighty Sonic™ Safety Air Horn, 8 oz. Can

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Product Description

Falcon® Mighty Sonic™ Safety Air Horn, 8 oz. Can

These compressed air signal horns are the best we've found, and we've looked! They're 100% non-flammable, emit no CFCs. Ideally suited for marine & wilderness outings, sporting events, & emergency signaling for any reason.

Think of these canned air horns as an integrated system for making yourself heard, an ideal tool for emergency vehicles, trucks, boats, and industrial plants. Incorporating an air horn system into your emergency preparedness plan and kit creates the attention-grabbing sound you need. Meets the United States Coast Guard requirements for recommended boat lengths. 120 decibles. Plastic horn (Trumpet) air horn. Metal can.

Reach employees up to 1/2-mile away with the touch of a button. You will be heard over noisy machinery.

An air horn can be a great safety device and lifesaver to signal for help. Keep an air horn on your boat, at the office in case of an emergency, or bring to sporting event to get attention, either way an air horn is a great investment and a handy blast of sound to have around. Many women have found comfort by having an air horn by their bedside on the nightstand for an extra measure of security. For boating and hiker safety carry a loud noise making air horn. From sportsman to sport fans an air horn is just the right tool.

Falcon® Mighty Sonic Signal Air Horn is lightweight and portable. High-impact trumpet is unbreakable, features push-button operation, an delivers hundreds of two-second blasts. 8 oz. replacement cans are sold separately. Personal Safety Horn delivers a shrill warning blast or can be used to summon help. keep a blast of sound within easy reach. Replacement Air Horn cans sold separately.

You will be heard over noisy machinery and at a distance with this portable signaling system. Signal strength of these air horns is 120dB at 10 feet and will travel up to 1/2 mile. Horn delivers hundreds of two-second blasts in a convenient, 5"-high can with a guaranteed durable, high-impact trumpet. 100% ozone safe; nonflammable pressurized canister. USA made.

Mighty Sonic Air Horn

Sound the alarm! Deter would-be thieves or attackers, evacuate a building, frighten off unfriendly animals or get first aid on the way, even without electricity. The Mighty Sonic™ Safety Air Horn delivers. Our alarm air horns are loud enough to be heard over machinery and other industrial noise. Whatever the situation Falcon Signal Air Horns were designed with personal protection in mind.

Minimize Injury while on the job, Save Lives

100% non-flammable, ozone-safe alarm
Delivers a piercing 120 dB blast at 10 feet
Convenient, easy-to-use, push button operation
Unbreakable high-impact trumpet

Loud enough to hear over machinery
Great for construction,sites, mines, forestry operations, machine operators, and security guards

Reusable Plastic Trumpet can be used for additional replacement Falcon Air Horn. Simply unscrew trumpet to store or use on replacement 8 oz. airhorn can. Yes, we sell the replacement airhorn cans.

Uses include:

Primary alarm system in a smaller firm
Back-up system for a large company
Back-up for electrical systems in case of power failure or electrical fire
Building evacuation
First aid call

  • Personal Safety & Security
  • Wilderness Medical Emergency
  • Police & Paramedic
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Sporting events
  • Industrial Safety
  • Outside signal horn
  • Watercraft safety
  • Fishermen
  • Hikers safety
  • Bear alert

    Can be used by:
    Construction Workers, Mine Workers, Security Guards, Heavy-duty Machine Operators, Remote-area workers or Oil/Refinery workers.

    8 oz. Air Horn Canister
    Dimensions: 6.25" x 5.0" x 3.25"
    Reusable Horn (Trumpet) attaches to replacement canister
    Type: Industrial/Safety Horns: Portable Signal Devices