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Mylar® Food Storage Bags 12 x 18 Inch - 100 Pack

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Product Description

Food grade metalized Mylar food storage bags add a layer of protection that will seal out light, insects, and oxygen better than just a bucket alone. These Mylar food storage pouches will protect your food storage investment.

Mylar food storage bags are an integral component of any good food storage systems. Our food grade metalized mylar bags are used for lining food storage pails. Mylar bags create an oxygen barrier to protect food during extended long term storage. Mylar bags are an excellent investment for those interested in preserving, packaging or storing their own food for long term storage. For best results with long term storage we recommend heat sealing the Mylar bags rather than using ziplock type bags which are great for getting into and out of the bags more frequently but not a good solution for long term storage.

Be sure to see our oxygen and moisture absorbing packets, handheld heat sealers, commercial heat sealers and our Euro Sealer bag sealer, in our food storage section. These items will go a long way toward helping you with your food storage plan.

These double layered Mylar food storage bags act as vapor, light, oxygen barriers, when heat sealed you can now pack and store your own food reserves. For use with our battery powered Euro Sealer, commercial heat sealer, ordinary household hair straighter iron or a clothes iron.

Your food storage is a precious investment in your family’s future. Mylar® bags will add a second line of insurance so that your food will be there when you need it.

FDA and USDA Compliant
Dimensions: 12" x 18"
Material: Mylar
Thickness: 2.2 mil
Count: 100 Bags

Small Mylar Food Storage Bags:

Our small Mylar bags are excellent for smaller food storage packaging such as for pre-measured meal packs or where portioning and rationing may be needed. This method will prevent the opening of bulk food items until necessary.

Large Mylar Food Storage Bags:

Our large Mylar bags are excellent for bulk food staples such as gains, beans, rice and bulky foods.

We provide all the materials for you to do your own emergency food storage packaging, including mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, and heat sealers.

What is a Mylar Bag?

Mylar is actually the clear part of the bag made from polyester resin. The Mylar bags we use for long term food storage have a foil lining. When Mylar is laminated to aluminum foil it provides additional barrier that acts like a big flexible can!

The best part about Mylar bags is how easy they are to seal at home, you can use a clothes iron or a hair straighter iron!

How to use Mylar® food storage bags:

Your food storage is a precious investment in your family's future. Mylar bags will add a second line of insurance so that you food will be there when you need it.

Bucket and pails are a wonderful way quickly keep your bulk dry foods safe. But they have their cons too. The lid may not seal, they can crack, they can buckle under a vacuum, they can let in light.

Since mylar bags are sealed inside the bucket, mylar bags keep out moisture, oxygen, light, bugs, all the enemies of food storage.


About 35 lbs of wheat will fit in a standard 5 gallon bucket and 40 lbs in a 6 gallon. How much of any given product depends on density of the food product.

Storage life depends on the item being stored. Here are some food storage basics shelf life in years.

Food /Shelf-Life Estimates (In Years)

Wheat 30
White rice 30
Pinto beans 30
Apple slices 30
Macaroni 30
Rolled oats 30
Potato flakes 30
Powdered milk 20

Any item with a high oil content (whole powdered eggs, brown rice etc.) will have a considerable shorter shelf life. You can extend the shelf life alot by storing in a cool dry place.

Pasta is great stored in this manner with a storage life of 10 - 15 years at a stable temperature of 70 degrees F much longer if cooler. Because pasta is not as dense as grains you will need to put in about double of the oxygen absorbers as you would for grains.