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Fast Shipping!
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Garrett Metal Detectors Enforcer G2 Hand-held Detector

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Product Description


The smallest of all hand-held body scanners, the Garrett Enforcer G-2 features automatic circuitry powerful and sensitive enough to detect all concealed metal weapons, including the smallest of knives and guns. It slips easily into a shirt pocket, and can be held in the palm of the hand. The Enforcer G-2 permits immediate searches to be made without touching the person. There is never a need for special personnel to use this handy device. Featuring automatic tuning and battery check, the Enforcer sounds an audible alarm and signals with a red light whenever a target is located. The alarms continue to sound and light as long as the on / off control is pressed. An earphone jack allows for "silent" scanning. In its case of sturdy high-impact plastic, the Enforcer G-2 has been designed to provide long, dependable service under rugged conditions.


Can detect medium-sized pistol at 9", large pocket knife at 6", razor blade at 3" and hatpin at 1"
Automatic retuning
Operating procedure on panel
High impact plastic case
Built to operate under rugged conditions


Operating frequency: 90 kHz
Weight: 8 ounces (0.2 km)


Width: 3.25" (8.1 cm)
Thickness: 1 .1 " (3 cm)
Length: 6.31' (16 cm)
Tuning: Automatic retuning; no adjustments necessary


Speaker, LED red light, jack for optional earplug

Battery: Single 9-volt (provides up to 80 hours operation, rechargeable unit available for NiCads)