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Fast Shipping!
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Garrett's Super Scanner: Hand Held Body Scanner / Metal Detector

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Product Description

The proven dependability, ease of operation and durability of Garrett's SuperScanner have made it the detector most demanded by law enforcement security professionals. Press a switch and precise automatic circuitry detects every concealed metallic item–knives and guns to handcuff keys, box cutters, foil-wrapped drugs and tiny jewelry or electronic components.

The SuperScanner provides a large scanning surface to permit quick and thorough scanning. Simplicity of operation is unmatched. Because no tuning or other adjustments are ever necessary or even possible, maximum sensitivity of the instrument can never be compromised, either "accidentally" or otherwise. Yet an interference elimination mode is available–with a momentary switch– for precise scanning near rebar floors or other ambient metal. An audible alarm and Red LED signal indicate detection of any metal, but an operator’s earphone is available if "silent scanning" is desired. The SuperScanner's 9V battery, included with the detector, stands up to long hours of use. It can be quickly changed without tools. An optional rechargeable battery kit featuring a Ni-MH battery is available. The Olympic Games demand the best, and the SuperScanner has been their choice since 1984. Countless hours of field use have proven the dependability and ease of operation of the SuperScanner. Its rugged construction withstands years of heavy-duty use. The SuperScanner is engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Ultimate sensitivity not subject to arbitrary adjustment

Auto tuning means no adjustments are ever necessary

Simple and effective one switch operation

Rugged high impact ABS case with reinforced coil compartment

Meets or exceeds all regulatory and performance standardsincluding the new NIJ0602.02

Detects medium-sized pistol from distance of 9"; large knife, up to 6"; razor blade, box cutters, handcuff keys, up to 3"; foil-wrapped drugs, electronic components, tiny jewelry, 1"

Earphone attachment permits "silent scanning"

Large scan surface for quick and thorough scanning

No tools required to change battery (9V)• Sharp audible alarm and bright Red LED indicates detection of metal

Momentary switch temporarily eliminates detection of nearby ambient metal such as rebar, metal walls, etc.

Green LED indicates detector is on, Amber LED indicates that battery is low


Detects medium-size pistol from distance of 9"; large pocket knife, up to 6", razor blade, 3"; hatpin, 1"

Automatic retuning (no adjusting ever necessary)

Sensitivity can be curtailed if ambient metal (i.e., floor with rebar) causes interference

Large scan surfaces for quick and through scanning

Automatic Battery Check

No Tools required to change batteries


Operating Frequency: 95 kHz

Dimensions: Weight 18 ounces Width 3.25" Thickness 1.625" Length 16.5"

Tuning Automatic

Indicators Speaker LED red light Jack for optional earphone

Controls 3-way switch ( ON, OFF, Momentary Operation) Interference Elimination switch

Battery: Single 9volt (provides up to 80 hours normal operation)