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Fast Shipping!
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Gamma® Soft Store® Collapsible Container & Pet Food Storage System - 50 lbs.

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

The Soft Store collapsible pet food and emergency supply storage containers are ideal for pet owners and those who need to save space when storing their pet food and emergency supplies. Great for dry pet food, bird seed and hundreds of storage applications. Provides space-saving, pest resistant storage for home or on the road.

Easy portability. Collapsible Air-Tight Soft Sided Storage Container. Ideal for traveling. Folds flat when empty. Great for for RVing, trailer camping, truck and car storage.

While these containers are popular for pet food storage, a great number of customers find these these Gamma Soft Store containers are excellent for storing the following items:

Hundreds Of Storage Applications
Emergency Supplies
Camping Gear
Childrens Toys
Bird Seed

This container comes with an easy access spin-off airtight lid that seals in freshness while keeping out unwanted bugs. Inside you will find an tough FDA-approved food-grade liner. Outside, there is a heavy duty nylon strap that you can use for transporting the container.

These airtight pet food storage containers are easy to refill. Simply spin off the lid, fill with food, then replace the lid. Keep it fresh!

Many owners hang this container on a door, using the nylon strap hung over a doorknob, to refill the bag. This method works well because the bag is completely opened to allow for maximum filling with pet food.

This model holds up to 50 pounds of dry pet food, though actual capacity will vary based on size of pet food kibbles.

The airtight seal keeps pet food fresh and crunchy, and the collapsible soft sided bag saves valuable storage space. The patented dual-gasket sealing system guarantees freshness and eliminates unwanted pests (ants)! An impervious FDA-approved food grade liner, and heavy duty nylon strap complete the system. Perfect for space-saving storage for home or on the road. Also available in 30 pound size.

Use these collapsible air-tight soft sided storage containers for storing flour, Suger, Bird Seed, and dry malt. Anything you can put in and ants will not get into, this is a great storage system. Waterproof and collapible so you are able to store a lot in a small space.

• Collapsible Air-Tight Soft Sided Storage Container
• Easy to Refill. Lid Spins On & Off
• Insect Proof
• Food Grade Plastic Lid and Bag Liner
• Heavy Duty Nylon Strap
• Capacity: 50 lbs
• Color: Blue


• Height 20"
• Width: 12"
• Diameter 12"