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Fast Shipping!
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Grilliput® Compact Stainless Steel Outdoor Camp Grill

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

Grilliput Compact Stainless Steel Outdoor Camp Grill

The Grilliput break-down pack-away camp cook grill focuses on bringing the taste and fun of barbecue to the outdoors. Lightweight and versatile, Grilliput offers a taste of luxury whether your outing takes you to the mountains, the campground, the beach, or your own backyard.

An innovative stainless steel grill that is compact to store and easy to use.

Simple and elegant, Grilliput backpacking grill provides maximum experience for minimalists—after all, less is more! Form and function are harmonized in our high-quality, German-designed portable grills. We use only top quality stainless steel for durability. Grilliput is completely dishwasher-safe and allows backpackers, boaters, and other outdoor minimalists to take grill with them wherever they go.

The Grilliput cooks without incinerating food like some grills do. The extra ounces in weight in your pack is worth the effert. This pack grill is the perfect size for two people but with a little practice will serve a meal for four. Don't go outdoors without it!

All Stainless Steel Construction

Great for backpacking, fishing trips, picnics, home, or tailgate parties - anywhere you want to grill up a tasty meal.

• Includes 1 thick tube with a stopper, 1 thin tube with a cleaning groove, 2 outer grill rods with hooks and threads, 10 grill rods, 4 grill feet.

• Constructed from durable stainless steel.
• Cleaning groove for soiled grill bars.
• Grill parts fit inside stainless steel tube for easy and compact storage.
• Bail for hanging in storage.
• Dimensions-packed: 11.4" x 0.9" (29 cm x 2.2 cm).
• Dimensions-bbq area: 9.1" x 10.2" (23 cm x 26 cm).
• Weight: 19.8 oz. (560 g)

• Disassembles and collapses down to fit in the tube (part of the grill)
• Cleaning groove on storage tube permits fast and easy cleanup
• Dishwasher safe, rust proof, grillput is made of stainless steel
• Use outdoors with wood fires or charcoal. It can take the heat!