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Whether a Natural Disaster or the events of 9-11 have inspired you to protect your family or business with a Survival Kit or Disaster Kit. Here at the world's largest Disaster Preparedness Web Site, our buyers are constantly searching the country to bring you the best prices on top quality name brand Disaster Kits, Survival Kits, First Aid Kits, and Emergency Preparedness Products. We can supply you or your company with everything you need including 72 Hour Kits, Survival Kits, Car Emergency Kits, Search and Rescue Kits, First Aid Kits, and Blackout Kits. We also provide to links to tons of free information about earthquake, hurricane, tornado preparedness and safe rooms. You can also add individual items and supplies such as Food Rations or Water Rations with a 5 Year Shelf Life to our kits to personalize them to your specific needs. Whether you are a First Responder, Home Owner, Business Owner, or the Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for your Company we take the time to individualize your order based upon your needs. By utilizing our wholesale direct relationships, we are able to offer you the most exciting and complete selections of Disaster Kit and Survival Preparedness Products that you'll find on the Internet... all at unbeatable prices! If you subscribe to the Wall Street Journal On-Line Check out the article about Disaster Preparedness Kits!

Prepare yourself, your family, or your business for any natural disaster! Our Survival Kits are loaded with everything you might need, for almost any emergency. All of our food and water products are US Coast Guard Approved and carry a minimum 5-Year Shelf Life! You can also restock your existing Disaster Kits, Survival Kits, and First Aid Kits with our high quality products.We carry everything from First Aid Kits and Supplies to 72 Hour Kits for Earthquake Safety Kits, Tornado Safety Kits, or Hurricane Safety Kits. We also provide links to quick and easy instructions on how to prepare a Disaster Recovery Plan or a Safe Room. We have lots of Safety Plans, lists of supplies for your Safety Kits, and even more links to Free Information provided by The American Red Cross and the Dept. of Homeland Security. There are even downloadable documents here so you can take them with and read later if you'd like. Our priority here is Safety, Preparation, and Information! Use our Free Information Links to find out about Disaster Preparedness, Tornado Safe Rooms or what to do if you suspect you have been exposed to a biological or chemical agents. Armed with the information we provide here you can protect your family, your business, or your employees in case of any kind of Emergency Disaster.

Just Click on the Quick Links above to jump to the product categories you are interested in to get started! Take a look at our Product Pages and experience a unique mix of Survival Kits and Supplies for yourself. You'll find everything that you need to protect your family and office or to restock your First Aid and Survival Kits. With over 3000 incredible products to choose from you're sure to find just what you're looking for and even something you never thought you needed! Prepare For Disaster your home or office with an array Emergency Survival Kits, Products, Auto Emergency Supplies and Services you might never realize you'll need until you think it is too late. Always remember that it's never too late to Prepare.

We hope that it will never happen to you, your family, or your business. But should a natural disaster or terrorist attack strike your area, there will be time before the Red Cross can come in and offer assistance. Worse yet, it may be three days before someone finds you under what used to be your home. And once they do, they'll have to prioritize. The elderly and the injured will be receiving help first. How will you and your family survive without food or water?

You can survive without food for about 4 days, but without water you may only last hours. A 72 Hour Kit can extend those numbers by up to ten fold. You may look at television footage of disasters - tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires, - and feel comforted by the presence of the Red Cross. You see them handing out blankets and medical personnel giving aid and you wonder why we would emphasize the need for emergency survival kits. You may think "This could never happen to me," or "The Red Cross will take care of us." But the truth is watch those same news stories and count how many people are reportedly found alive after 72 hours.

If you have prepared your home and your family with a 72 Hour Kit, you won't have to worry. If you're packing your own disaster supply kit, you should make sure you have enough water, food, and clothing for 72 hours. If you buy one of ours, make sure you add the additional clothing for comfort and store everything in the area you have designated to your family as the “Safe Zone”. In an emergency, everyone should know to gather in your “Safe Zone” or another back-up area. Three days should be more than enough time for help to get to you.

This is especially important when packing medication, particularly for people with serious medical problems such as diabetes or heart conditions. If your child needs insulin daily, make sure there's enough to get him through the first 3 days of a crisis. Make sure you check the expiration dates on medications and replace as necessary. Three days worth of supplies may seem like a lot when you're packing, but you'll be awfully glad you have it later.

If you don't already have them, making sure your home and vehicle are equipped with emergency survival kits should be your number one priority. How do you know what items are necessary for your survival kit? How do you know how to keep your first aid supply replenished and up-to-date? The answers are here, on the internet, in libraries, and at Relief Organizations but what is best for you? For families today, sometimes the hectic pace of everyone's schedules leaves little time for daily errands, let alone buying all the necessary tools and supplies for a survival kit. Luckily, these items are available, all in a one-stop on-line superstore. For the busy families of today, it's a much needed solution to a very important question. How Prepared Are You?

Disasters can strike anywhere. The tsunami in Indonesia, the blizzards hitting the Northeast US, the earthquakes in the West, the hurricanes in the Atlantic States, and the tornadoes of the Midwest. You might be prepared at work or home, but what about while you're driving home? Not only should you have a home emergency kit, but a car emergency kit, for each of your vehicles, as well. And don't forget your vacation homes or cabins. Many families find that it's useful to have more than one emergency kit in a house. Should the worst happen, it may not be feasible to get from one floor to the next to get to your survival supplies. Having multiple emergency survival kits would ensure that this doesn't happen.

Preparing your own home for disaster is also a good time to reach out to loved ones and make sure that they're prepared as well. Elderly friends and relatives could greatly benefit from you taking the time to make sure they're stocked and to explain to them the use of all their survival items. You may just save their life.

Is your house equipped with disaster survival kits? If your answer is no, now is the time to put them together. We live in uncertain times. We are no longer facing threats just from nature, but from enemies abroad who have no problem attacking us where we live. Where you live!

Every household needs an emergency survival kit. In many cases it's a good idea to have two. Make sure your children know where they are located, what all the items in it are and how they should be used. And make sure they know that this is not another toy box. This is a kit that can save your life. Always have a back-up plan and alternate meeting places in case you get separated. Don’t count on telephones or even cellphones to maintain communications. Complete your kits with contact information, medications, maps, and anything else you think would be a necessity.

Is your office prepared for a disaster, or maybe you think that's none of your concern. Most people spend a over third of their life at work. When disaster hits, there's a good chance that's where you'll be. What about your children's school? Get to know the staff and make sure that they are prepared. Offer to make emergency survival kits yourself. You can never be too prepared.

In today's fast pace world, we spend a lot of time in cars. Make sure there are auto safety kits for all the family vehicles. Check with neighbors and friends. Any place you and your family spends time should be prepared for the worst. Explain to people what you are doing to insure your families' safety and encourage them to do the same.

Check out the thousands of products we carry, everything from self-reliance to disaster preparedness to wilderness survival and much more.

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Under Ground Shelters, Tried and Proven Family Preparedness Supplies, Earth Changes Preparedness Supplies, Long Term Food Storage/Reserve Units, 72 Hour Emergency Kits and supplies, Water Storage containers, Water Filters & Sanitation supplies, Family Preparedness and Survival Supplies, First-Aid and Trauma Kits, Survival Retreat Medical Kits, Personal Preparedness Consultants, Earthquake/Emergency Kits & checklist, Outdoor Backpacking and Camping supplies. Large inventory to fill your orders faster. The best of tried and proven products.

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Protect yourself, your family and / or your business from costly and disrupting utility outages. You can purchase security against these disruptions. We have designed practical options for power outage protection, from simple back-up power systems, grid tie in systems ( which means if you generate more electric than you need the meter goes backwards if not it goes forward) to stand-alone solar electric power generating systems that will protect you from black outs. Systems that give you protection against short term power outages to systems that are not dependent on utility power at all, generating electricity from solar electric modules.

Residential solar electric power systems offer an excellent alternative for people who are looking for back-up power or stand-alone power systems. Solar electric systems are ideal for those who choose to live beyond the reach of conventional electric power. Solar electric power is clean, affordable and requires very little maintenance. More than 50,000 families in the U.S. have chosen solar power for their electric systems. Throughout the world, many thousands of people depend on solar electricity as their primary source of power. If you choose to live more than a third of a mile from power, photovoltaics can be a cost effective alternative for you. When you factor in the cost of line extensions and monthly electric bills, solar electricity is often the preferred alternative. Other options are wind, hydro, or gas generators, or some combination of the above.

Storing and using emergency life-saving purified drinking water packets and boxes. Read all about them below.

1. Purified, commercially sterile drinking water boxes, aseptically packaged, excellent taste, economical.

2. Water and packaging both comply with and surpass Federal standards for purified drinking water.

3. Water is easily dispensed through attached, individually wrapped straw.

4. When frozen, may be used as a first-aid cold pack for bruises, sprains, and other injuries. Longer lasting and significantly less expensive than freezable chemical cold packs.

5. The most space-saving means of water storage. The configuration of AQUA BLOX® cases and individual units makes it easy to stack.

6. Very functional for wound cleansing. By puncturing dispensing hole with straw, AQUA BLOX® can be squeezed to eject a water stream with enough pressure to aid in removal of infectious particles from wounds.

7. Can be stored at Emergency Operations Centers (EOC's) and used as drinking water, without interruption of work. Eliminates need for drinking utensils. Useful for food preparation.

8. Effective means of dispersing drinking water to emergency personnel during field operations: fires, earthquakes, floods, events requiring crowd control, command posts.

9. Each unit is an individual serving (8.45 oz). Easily dispensed to evacuees, homeless, retirees, children, incapacitated people, and others, by emergency personnel at a multi-casualty care center, Red Cross center, or field hospital.

10. When empty, the top portion of AQUA BLOX® can be unfolded and cut off to serve as a durable cup for liquids or food.

11. Simplifies water rationing and water management.

12. All units are date coded and marked as to contents and suggested uses.

13. AQUA BLOX® drinking water units are U.S. Coast Guard Approved.


Aqua Blox® is a purified water product packaged in aseptic (drink box) containers. "Purified" water means that the water contains less than 10 parts per million of total dissolved solids, i.e., minerals.

The water used in Aqua Blox® is also commercially sterile, which means there is no microbial growth in it. This is achieved with our unique aseptic package which has seven layers of specially laminated material. Conversely bottled water always has some bacteria present. Bacteria multiply continually and after several months the bacterial count in bottled water escalates to the point of rendering the water unfit for human consumption.

How does Aqua Blox® avoid contamination?

The special layers in the Aqua Blox® package called "laminates" prevent any source of contamination from penetrating. This includes light, oxygen, debris, and so forth.

How can Aqua Blox® water last 5 years?

There are four factors which must be present to allow any water product to have a 5 year shelf life.

1.The water must be sterile. This is accomplished through Ultra High Temperature pasteurization (UHT).

2.The interior of the water container must be sterile. The entire interior surface of the Aqua Blox® packaging is sterilized during the filling process.

3. The container must be airtight. The Aqua Blox® package is airtight. This is accomplished by using multi-layer laminates in the packaging which create a barrier impermeable to outside elements and contaminates. Since plastic breathes, bottled water cannot be made to last more than a few months.

4.The container must be resistant to light. The laminated layers in the AquaBlox® aseptic container are designed to prevent light from entering. Light is a catalyst for microbial growth and therefore must be eliminated to give water an extensive shelf life.

Aqua Blox® is the first and only aseptically packaged water in North America. Europeans have been using aseptically packaged water since 1973. The drink box (aseptic package) was invented in Europe to prolong the shelf life of many beverages, including water.

It is important not to confuse other aseptically packaged beverages with Aqua Blox® aseptically packaged water. Juices and other beverages do not last 5 years because they have other components (substrates) in them which naturally break down over time. Purified water has no substrates; its only component is the water molecule.

Finally, the packaging material used for water differs considerably from the material used for other beverages. With Aqua Blox®, there is a special poly laminate layer along the interior surface of the box. This layer is referred to as the "water paper liner", which prevents water molecules from touching the aluminum foil layer and rendering an unsavory metallic taste. The manufacturers of Aqua Blox® believe it is important that the water taste pleasant, in addition to having an extensive shelf life.

What proof do I have that Aqua Blox® will last 5 years?

Aqua Blox® are U.S. Coast Guard Approved. This means they have been approved by the United States government for military use. To gain Coast Guard Approval, multiple samples of product must undergo a rigorous battery of tests, which can take up to eighteen months to complete. A Coast Guard approved laboratory performs the tests and determines that the water will last five years. Additionally, every time Aqua Blox® is manufactured, samples are sent to a government approved lab. The product must pass all tests before it can be released.

The "pouch-type" water package has only 3 layers of a material called Mylar, a form of metal. The water in the pouch touches the Mylar layer. Water next to metal is highly reactive and therefore trace components from the Mylar can leach into the water giving the pouch water an unusual taste. There is no Mylar in Aqua Blox®. Additionally, Aqua Blox® has a total of 7 layers, one of which protects the water's taste. Research has found that children are especially opposed to drinking water with an unusual taste.

In an emergency situation, dehydration is a serious risk and it is therefore critical that the water be pleasant enough for everyone to consume.

Safety Central offers a complete selection of items to assist you in preparing for disasters and emergency preparedness. Our disaster kits and emergency supplies are the same ones used by the American Red Cross and other government agencies. Available for individuals, groups, the home, the car or the workplace. If an emergency strikes, you may not have time to gather the necessary essentials. Safety Central is committed to providing you with dependable emergency kits and supplies. Order individual items or order ready-made kits!

Emergency Kits for Your Home, Emergency Kits for The Workplace, Emergency Kits for The Car, Emergency Kits for Schools, Emergency Food Rations, Emergency Water Supplies, Emergency First Aid Supplies, Emergency Lights & Radios, Emergency Sanitation Supplies, Emergency Shelters, Pet Emergency Kits, Search & Rescue Supplies, Terrorism Preparedness Supplies.

Where will you be when disaster strikes?

You could be anywhere - at work, at school, in the car or at home. How will you find each other? Will you know if your children are safe? Disaster can strike quickly and without warning. Whether it be a natural disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or a man made disaster, such as a terrorist attack or fire, it can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or confine you to your home.

What would you do if basic services - water, gas, electricity or telephones were cut off?

If disaster strikes your community you might not have access to food, water and electricity for days or even weeks. Local officials and relief workers will eventually be on the scene but they cannot reach everyone right away. Families and workplaces can cope with disaster by preparing in advance and working together.

By taking some time now to prepare in advance, you can provide for you and your entire family/workplace.

Our disaster kits are designed by emergency preparedness experts to contain the most reliable emergency food, water, shelter, sanitation, lighting, communication, and search & rescue supplies available so they are ready when and where you need them most. Please view our FREE Disaster Preparedness Guides for more information on how to properly prepare for any emergency.

We offer discounts for large quantities, schools, government and law enforcement agencies. Contact Us

Emergency Supplies and Survival Kits - Living in this precarious world, you need to be prepared for any disaster that may unfortunately travel your way. Whether it be a natural disaster prevalent in your geographic area, such as an earthquake or hurricane, or a man made disaster, such as a terrorist attack or fire, you need to have survival kits with the proper emergency supplies. You never know when a disaster will happen and you don't know where you will be when a disaster does strike. In the event of a large disaster, emergency personnel will be too busy helping those in need of immediate medical and rescue attention to assist you when a disaster does happen. You need to have reliable Emergency Supplies that you can count on during a time of emergency when stores will be closed and roads will be down. But don't waste your time and money buying unreliable emergency supplies seperately to make your own survival kit. Emergency preparedness experts at Safety Central have designed our Survival Kits to contain the most reliable emergency food, water, shelter, sanitation, lighting, communication, and search & rescue supplies available so they are ready when and where you need them most. Don't wait until it's too late, get prepared today!

Emergency and disaster preparedness - Please view our emergency Disaster Preparedness Guides that offer life-saving tips for surviving earthquakes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, winterstorms, fires, tornadoes, floods, and terrorism attacks. We also offer Emergency Preparedness Information that will help you prepare for disasters whether you are at home, school, work, or in your car when a disaster strikes. You will also find corresponding emergency supply and survival kit recommendations for your car, home, school, and office. Follow these checklists to properly prepare for any emergency or disaster. You will also find instructions on personalizing your survival kits and emergency supplies to meet your specific survival needs with respect to how many people you need to prepare for, where to put your emergency kits and supplies, and what personal survival items you need to consider adding. Know what to do before, during, and after a major disaster.

Industry Leader in Disaster Preparedeness Survival Kits and Supplies - As the survival industry's leading wholesaler, manufacturer and retailer Safety Central has the unique ability to offer these survival kits and emergency supplies at the lowest prices available. We proudly offer remarkably reduced corporate and quantity discounts when you Purchase Survival Kits and Emergency Supplies. Not only will you find our survival supplies and disaster kits to be of a higher standard of quality than our competitors' products and we also stock our own inventory.

Reduce Your Institution's Liability & Promote Worker Safety - We can drastically reduce your institution's liability. As a school adminstrator or employer, you have the fiduciary responsibility to properly prepare your facilities for a disaster. Learn more about why you should Reduce Your Liability through Disaster Preparedness. The chances that a major disaster may occur while people are at school or work are very good. As roads, electricity, and plumbing will be out of service, students and employees may be stranded and need adequate emergency supplies for several days.

Emergency Survival Supplies and Customer Service You Can Rely On - We are not just another internet company like many others claiming to provide dependable survival kits and supplies. As we all play an important role in the promotion of the safety of our nation by preparing ourselves and loved ones with emergency preparedness supplies, we all must be able to take care of ourselves. Please allow us to demonstrate our astounding Customer Service by allowing us to give you a complimentary analysis of your disaster preparedness needs. You can also learn about how you can resell our disaster preparedness kits and supplies as affiliate member our of Emergency Supplies and Survival Kits. With the savings and quality of ordering wholesale emergency supplies and survival kits from us you can pass this quality and savings along to your customers who will thank you for improving the safety of the community. We also offer successful profit programs by becoming an Affiliate Program Member of our Emergency Supplies and Survival Kits. We are confident in the fact that with the most reasonable and reliable products in the industry, you too can become a successful promoter of emergency preparedness kits and supplies as well as accomplish the financial goals of your organization.

Thank you for visiting our store We strive to fulfill your needs for information and products. We provide survival gear products and disaster preparedness information, like articles and information on earthquake preparedness. We meet these needs with items like emergency lights and emergency food and water.

Safety Central offers the most complete selection of self-reliance, survival and emergency preparedness supplies available anywhere!

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Camping season is here. Time to ready your RV. PLEASE inspect furnaces, stoves, water heaters, etc. REMEMBER: CO results from INCOMPLETE COMBUSTION of fossil fuels. CO detectors CANNOT protect against natural gas and propane leaks. Propane/Methane detectors detect leaking UNBURNED combustible gases NOT Carbon Monoxide. If you heat with gas, install BOTH CO and Gas detectors.

Be sure to outfit your home, cabin, boat or RV with smoke and fire detectors, carbon monoxide and combustible gas alerts.

Detectors for Radon, Carbon Monoxide and Combustible Gas; Formaldehyde Monitors for Allergy and Asthma Chemical Triggers, Re-chargeable Flashlights, Weather Alert Radios, Weather Stations, 12V Devices for Auto/RV/Truck/Boat including Air Purifier, Heater, Intruder Alarm, Smoke Alarm, CO and Gas Detectors, Hot Pot, Power Inverters; Home Guard Temperature and Humidity Monitors, Input Guard Dry Contact Monitors, Water Cop Automatic Water Valve Shut Off. Auto Air Purifiers and Heaters, Bird-X Sonic &Visual Bird & Pest Repellers, Heated Mats & Panels for Home & Office, Home Air and Water Purifiers, SH-Mops, Micro-fiber Cleaning Cloths, Micro-fiber Window Cleaning Kits, Electronic Pest Repellers, Natural Soap, Pet Products: Bark-Free, Automatic Pet Dish, Pet Chime, Ionic Pet Brush, Automatic Pet Feeder, Automatic Filtered Pet Water Dish. Blood Pressure Monitors (Forecare, Lumiscope & Omron), Breast Pumps, Electronic Ear Infection Detectors, Body Fat Analyzers, Tanita Bathroom Scales, Seca Hospital Scales, AmCells Home Use Scales, Nebulizers, Otoscopes, Ear, Oral, Pacifier, & Underarm Thermometers, Heart Rate Monitors, Pedometers, Littmann Stethoscopes, Pill Organizers, Pillboxes with Timers, Pill Splitters, ReliefBands for Motion Sickness, ReliefBands for Morning Sickness, and Respiratory Care Products. Baby & Children's Scales, Baby Soaps, Balcony, Banister, & Deck Shields, Computer Lights, Corner & Edge Cushions, Deck Shield Netting, Electrical Outlet Covers, Fireplace Hearth Padding, Washable Lambs Wool Blankets, Pads, and Invalid Supplies, Window Guards to Keep Children from Falls. Emergency, Radon, Health, Safety, Medical, Weather Radio and other Data.

Carbon Monoxide Gas Detectors: Monitor CO Which Is a By-Product of Incomplete Fossil Fuel Burning. Combustible Gas Detectors (Natural Gas, Methane, Propane & LP): Monitor Levels of Raw (Unburned) Gas from Leaking Pipes and Appliances. Units Sound Alarms BEFORE Explosive or Flammable Levels Are Reached. Combination CO & Combustible Gas Detectors: Have Two Sensors, One to Monitor CO and One to Monitor Raw Gas. Formaldehyde Gas Detector Test Kit: One Time Test to Detect Formaldehyde Out-Gassing from Paneling, Fabrics, etc. Radon Gas Detectors: Monitor Radon Gas Emitted from Radioactivity in Soil Around and Beneath Your Home. Smoke Detectors or Smoke Alarms: Monitor Smoke Produced From Fires.

Combustible Gas Detectors for Natural Gas and Propane Gas:

Alarms Sound When Gas Fumes Reach Level Below Explosive or Flammable Levels Home/Business Use (Natural Gas or Propane Detectors): 120V Gas Detector by Safe-T-Alert (65" Line Cord for Placement) 120V Combustible Gas Detector by Safety Siren (Direct Plug In) 120V Propane or Natural Gas Detectors (6' Line Cord with Battery Backup) Gas Detector System with Safety Shut Off. 120V Only. Gas Detector Closes Gas Line When Leak is Detected. Use on Gas Appliances with 3/4 or 1 Inch Gas Lines. RV & Marine (Propane Detectors or LP Detectors): 12V LP/Propane Gas Detector by Safe-T-Alert Series 400 (Surface or Flush Mount) 12V LP/Propane Gas Detector by Safe-T-Alert Series 300 (Surface or Flush Mount)

Combination Carbon Monoxide & Combustible Gas Alarms, 120V Combination CO & Gas Detector (Direct Plug In): Mount High for Natural Gas Detection. Mount Low for Propane Gas Detector. Featured Carbon Monoxide Detectors, CO Monitors.

Home/Business Use: 120V Plug In, Line Cord or Hard Wire Carbon Monoxide Detector by Safe-T-Alert 9V Battery Operated: Costar 9SIR. This Carbon Monoxide Detector is UL Approved for Residential Use. Mounts Easily on Wall or Ceiling. Security System Interface: Costar 12 SIR Uses 12 Volt Power A Carbon Monoxide Detector That Alerts Your Security Monitoring Company of Carbon Monoxide Issues. Standard Safety Equipment on Many Gas Logs to Keep Units from Lighting If Gas Logs are Malfunctioning. Use the Costar 9SS Carbon Monoxide Detector and Automatic Solenoid Valve Gas Line Shut-Off for Gas Fireplaces, Stoves, or Other Gas Appliances. Passive CO Detector (No Alarm): Costar Quantum Eye, Marine Use Carbon Monoxide Monitors: Units are Corrosion Coated and Meet UL Standards for Use on Boats and Marine Applications.

12 Volt Marine CO Detector by Costar Hardwires into 12V System: Costar 12M, Marine Use 9V Battery Operated CO Detector Mounts Anywhere: Costar 9M. Recreational Vehicle Use Carbon Monoxide Alarms: 9V Battery Operated RV CO Detector Alarm by Costar Shuts Off Appliance when CO Level is Unsafe: Costar 9SS. Hard-Wired into 12V system: Safe-T-Alert Series 600 Personal Use Carbon Monoxide Detector for Camping or In Cars, Trucks or Airplanes. Use on Propane Powered Fork Lifts in Enclosed Areas. Avoid CO Poisoning. CoStar P-1 operates from -40°F to 151°F, 15% to 95% RH. Portable Personal CO Detector Alarm by Costar, Clips on belt or visor. Featured Radon Detector, Continuous Radon Monitor.

Radon Detector with 10 Foot Power Cord. Avoid Lung Cancer by Monitoring Radon Levels In Your Home and Mitigating If Readings are Above a 4. Continuous Digital Read-Outs Allow For Close Monitoring. Smoke Detectors, Smoke Alarms, Smoke Alarm for Home Use or RV Use (9V Battery) Smoke Alarm for Marine or RV Use (9V Battery). Formaldehyde Gas Monitor, Single Use Formaldehyde Gas Test Kit, More information on Combustible Gasses.

12 VOLT PRODUCTS for Vehicle Use: Air Compressors, Purifiers, Heated Mug, Jumper Starters, Supplemental & Car Seat Heaters. AIR PURIFIERS: HEPA, Ionic, Personal, Room & Whole House. CLEANING SUPPLIES: Microfiber Cleaning Products, Cloths, & Mops. HEATERS: Heated Floor Mats, Seedling Grow Mats, Back Seat Heat, 12V Heated Seat Cushions.

BIRD & PEST CONTROL Products. PET PRODUCTS: Bark Control, Training Devices, Pet Brushes, Pet Doorbells, Automatic Pet Feeders and Waterers.

SOAP: Natural Soaps by Kirk's and Vermont SoapWorks. WATER FILTRATION Dispensors: Emergency Water Supply Whereever You Are. LIGHTING: Computer Monitor Lighting, Path and Solar Pool Lighting.

12V Products for On-the-Road:

12V AIR PURIFIERS: Help Keep Vehicles Fresher and Freer of Allergens.

Wein Automate Ionic Auto Air Purifier, Beetle (NeoTec XJ-800) Ionic Air Purifier, SurroundAir (NeoTec XJ-2000) Ionic Air Purifier, SurroundAir (NeoTec XJ-2100) Ionic Air Purifier with Fan. Amaircare XR-100 Circulates and Filters Air Amaircare Roomaid 12V Uses Optional Adapter.


Air Compressor & Air Inflator 12 V Air Compressor for Vehicle Tires, Air Mattresses, Balls and more. Hot Pot Hot Beverages and Soups On-The-Go. Heated Travel Mug: Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Uses 12V Socket. Jump Start Cars Safely: Auto Jumper and Quick Jumper uses 12V Socket. HEATERS: Back Seat Heater Plus 12V 1100 BTU Heater by Road Worthy. Heated Car Seat Cushion Heats Seat in Moments, Plugs into 12V Car Socket. POWER INVERTERS: Power Inverters (12V to 120 VAC) from Wagan for Computers, TV's, and Appliances.

Air Purifiers:

HEPA AIR PURIFIERS: Amaircare Roomaid Amaircare XR-100 Travel Size 12 V with optional 120V adapter. Amaircare 2500, 3000 & 4000 Amaircare BioChem AirWash for Safe Room, Mail Sorting Station or Clean Room. Miracle Air, Hospital Grade HEPA Filtration. IONIZER AIR PURIFIERS: Use Negative Ions to Freshen Air and to Help Control Mold. Minimal Ozone Production: IonizAir (P4620) Ionic Air Purifier, Vertical, Saves Space. SurroundAir (NeoTec XJ-2000) Ionic Air Purifier, 110VAC & 12V adaptors. SurroundAir (NeoTec XJ-2100) Ionic Air Purifier with Fan SurroundAir (NeoTec XJ-3000C) Ionic Air Purifier with HEPA Filter, UV Light & 110VAC. Sani-Mate Washroom Sterilizer/Deodorizer by Wein EnviroSept Portable Console with Ionizer (110VAC) WEIN: Personal Wearable Air Purifiers: Wein Air Supply 1500 Wein Mini-Mate 150MM WHOLE HOUSE AIR FILTRATION UNITS: EnviroSept by Aqua Air Technology: Di-Electric Polarization with Collector Pads. Slips into Standard One Inch Slots. EnviroSept Portable Console with Di-Electric Polorization & Ionizer (110VAC) NEW! Sol Aire (110VAC) Whole House Air Cleaner Uses UV Light & and Germicidal Ozone in Central Forced Air Systems NEW! 12V AIR PURIFIERS For Vehicles: Wein Automate Ionic Auto Air Purifier

Beetle (NeoTec XJ-800) Ionic Air Purifier SurroundAir (NeoTec XJ-2000) Ionic Air Purifier Amaircare XR-100 Amaircare Roomaid 12V Uses Optional Adapter.

Heaters for Vehicles, Cold Legs and Feet, or Growing Seeds:

Back Seat Heater Plus 12 Volt, 1100 BTU Heater Car Seat Heated Cushion Plugs into 12V car socket. NEW! Cozy Heaters: Heated Mats to Warm Feet or Legs Safely

Gro-Mat: Heated Rubber Mats Give Seedlings a Quick Start

Pest Control:

PEST CONTROL for Birds, Small Animals, Rodents, Burrowing Rodents and Insects, Including Motion Activated, Sonic or Ultrasonic: Bird-X Quadblaster QB-4 Repeller: Industrial Strength for Bird Control, Bat Control, and Rodent Control. Bird-X Critter Blaster: Pest Control Uses Irritating Sounds That Drive Animals, Rodents, and Birds Away.

YardGard: Electronic Yard Protector. Motion Detector Activated to Keep Dogs, Cats, Skunks, and Other Animals Away.

Animal Away: Motion Activated Ultrasonic Pest Repeller to Keep Dogs, Cats, Skunks, Rabbits and Other Animals Away by P3 International. Scare Crow Hydro Blast: Motion Activated Automatic Outdoor Animal Deterrent by Contech. Mini Scarecrow: Motion Activated Automatic Pet Deterrent by Contech. Transonic PRO: Multiple Settings to for Pest Control Using Sonic and Ultrasonic Sounds. BIRDS, DUCKS, and GEESE: Bird-X PRO, Billboard PRO and Goose Buster. Industrial Strength Bird Control Bird-X Quadblaster QB-4 Repeller. Ultrasonic Industrial Strength Bird Control and Pest Control of Rodents Bird-X Ultrason X Ultrasonic Bird Control Bird Netting, Spikes, Gel, Scare Devices and Roost Inhibitors Bird-X Visual Scare Devices for Bird Control INSECTS AND RODENTS: Itch Zapper: Stop Insect Bites Itch

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Transonic PRO: Sonic and Ultrasonic Sounds to Repel Large and Small Pests Including Bats, Dogs, Skunks, and Insects. Pest Control (Weitech, Black & Decker): Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic Pest Repellers for Rodents, Bats, and Other Insects.

Pet Products:


Original Bark Free by Lentek. Bark Stop by Viatek. Original Super BarkFree Outdoor Bark Control by Lentek. Super Bark Stop Outdoor Bark Control by Viatek. Dog Dazer: Ultrasonic Dog Repellant & Dog Obedience Training Device


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Dog Dazer: Ultrasonic Dog Repellant & Dog Obedience Training Device Doggie Doorbell Lentek Pet Chime. Alerts Owners to Dog's Needs. Pet Agree: Break Pets Bad Habits with Ultrasonic Pet Trainer.

Scat Mat and Scat Mat Strips: Indoor Pet Control Training Mat by Contech, Keep Pets off of Counters, Couch or Car. Tattle Tale Alarm: Keep pets off furniture and counters. Pet alarm startles pets into obedience. Mini Scarecrow: Motion Activated Automatic Pet Deterrent by Contech, Automatically Shoots a Blast of Air.

Cleaning Supples that Reduce or Eliminate Household Chemical Usage for Safer Living

Natural Soap (With No Animal Fats):

Kirks: Original Hard Water Castile Soaps, Moisturizing & Premium Soaps. Perfect Gift for Deployed Military. Vermont Soapworks: Handmade, Unscented and Natural Scent All Vegetable Oil Soaps.

Portable Water Filtration for Daily Use or Emergency Use:

CWR Gravity Feed Water Filters: Stainless Steel (2 gallon), Travel (24 oz.) or Power Sports Bottle Water Purifiers.

Safer Lighting for Computer Screens, Paths and Water:

Eclipse Computer Light: Less Eye Strain with Less Screen Glare. GlowStone Motion Light Rock Motion Activated. Battery Operated. SolMate Floating Light: Solar Powered Lights for Land or Water Usage.

Home Safety and Family Safety Products:

CHILD SAFETY, BABY PROOFING: INDOOR BALCONY BANISTER GUARD: Clear Plastic Stairway Guard to Protect from Falls

DECK SHIELD NETTING: Improve Home Safety. Deck and Balcony Screen Protects Against Falls.

EDGE CUSHION & CORNERS: Protect Children and Adults from Cuts and Bruises Caused by Sharp Edges and Corners.

ELECTRICAL SAFETY OUTLET COVERS (Insulated, Sliding Door): Make Electrical Receptacles Less Tempting to Children.

EMERGENCY ESCAPE LADDERS: Portable, Hooks on Window Sill. NEW

FIREPLACE HEARTH PADDING: Pad Hearth Edges or Low Door Frames.

LIFE HAMMER, Original Auto Escape Hammer

SAFETY STRAPS: Child Safety Guards & Straps

SAFETY VESTS: Illuminated/Reflective Vests

WATER FILTRATION: CWR Gravity Feed Water Filters: Drinkable water from any water source. NEW!

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Safety Central Offers The Widest Selection of First Aid and Medical kits And Products And Refill Items Anywhere.

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The only kit worth carrying is the Sawyer "Extractor." This has proved very effective with insect bites, if used promptly. It will also improve your chances after a snake bite, reportedly removing about 35% of the venom, if treatment is started within three minutes, without causing further injury or trauma. The Extractor uses a venom pump suction device, akin to a syringe but it creates suction when the plunger is depressed, with various form fitting adapters to create a *very strong* vacuum, sucking the venom out through the original punctures.

Note those figures well. Thirty five percent isn't a lot, but it can be enough to make a difference, if you were unlucky enough to be among the 2/3 of those who actually are envenomated when bit. More to the point, three minutes doesn't give you much time, so remain calm and forget about running around hysterically searching for and attacking the dumb snake. Just get away and get on with the treatment.

Venomous bites from insects can present a potentially fatal hazard to those with serious allergies. The Sawyer Extractor is your first line of defense. It may also be worthwhile to carry a means to administer epinephrine (Adrenalin) to counteract anaphylactic shock, particularly if it is known that one is allergic. A note of caution, however. Epinephrine is a two edged sword. It can cause serious, life threatening problems. Be sure you understand the risks and you understand when and how to use it. Knowing when not to use it is as important as knowing when to use it.

A dental repair kit would make a good addition to a comprehensive kit. A tooth can be damaged during the crash or a filling could come loose or be lost. These and other dental problems could manifest themselves just when you need the extra problems the least.

You want to select a dental kit or product that utilizes a single component compound for filling cavities and repairing teeth. "Cavit" is the best such product according to my dentist advisors. It is easy to use and hardens after contact with saliva. Those which require you to mix two compounds together, a powder and a liquid catalyst, are much more difficult to use. There are a number of different kits available and both Adventure Medical and Atwater Carey offer a good one that includes Cavit.

If you fly with young children or infants, you need to consider their special medical needs, aside from any personal medications required. These should include pediatric medications, chewable analgesic tablets or liquid analgesics for example. An oral medicine syringe can be a big help for infants. A few adhesive bandages with cartoon characters or bright colors might be worthwhile. Pediatric modules with such supplies are available from the kit suppliers. Discuss this issue with your pediatrician and include any additional items recommended.


A "SAM Splint" or a wire mesh splint can prove very useful when dealing with broken bones or sprains or to hold things together. The SAM Splint, which stands for "Structural Aluminum Malleable," is a light aluminum sheet sandwiched between thin foam. It is quicker and much easier to work with than other styles, including the wire splint. You don't have to improvise padding for the SAM splint as required with a wire splint or one made from found materials. It is easy to cut a small piece off for use on smaller body parts like a finger. It can be stiffened, if needed, by putting a crease in it. Unlike the typical wire mesh splint, it has no sharp barbs where the wire mesh has been cut to size, so you won't risk a cut or puncture wound.

Medical Kits Adventure Medical, Atwater Carey Ltd., Outdoor Research (OR) and Wilderness Medical Systems and First Aid Only all make good wilderness oriented first aid kits. Choose their medium or larger size kits, depending on the size of the survival kit itself, and go from there, using the suggestions provided here. Generally, the very largest expedition size kits are not the best choice, if space is at a premium, since they are quite bulky. I've listed the smaller kits within their product line that I feel are best suited for survival kit use. If space is not a problem, by all means, get the largest kits. In most cases, everything you need can be stuffed into the next to largest size kit. The soft packs for these kits are available for purchase separately, if assembling your own kit appeals to you, or if you want to upgrade to a larger kit using the supplies you already have.

If there are injuries, you don't want to have to go searching through the survival kit for the medical supplies. They should all be on top, readily accessible. It's also important to be sure the medical kit, alone, can be removed from the survival kit without disturbing the rest of the kit, or at least without making too much of a mess of it. Since the medical kit will generally also serve as your general purpose first aid kit, you may need to remove and replace it just to deal with a small injury or some other mishap or discomfort not necessarily related to a survival situation. There's also always the possibility you will be the first to arrive at the scene of an accident.

If you do make use of the medical supplies, don't forget to replace them at the earliest opportunity. Otherwise, over time, you can deplete the kit of the essential supplies you may need some day. We offer manufacturers refill supply replacement items and modules.

We offer free preparedness tips covering specific disaster types, surviving nuclear disasters, evacuation planning, bioterrorism protection, SARS self defense, food and water preservation and storage, weapons procurement, caching, first aid and survival medicine, plus reviews of survival books and products. We also offer a well-stocked store of survival and Army/Navy goods, including winter clothing, gas masks, potassium iodate and lots of food. You will also find information on preparing to survive a nuclear disaster. So add us to your bookmark.

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Recent terrorist activity, elections in Iraq and the death of Arafat and subsequent election of a Palestinian president who seems intent on peace. Although the threat of a terrorist attack appears to have receded, we remind our customers that terrorists always seem to strike when they are lest expected.

Terrorism at Home and Abroad:

The U.S. is making excellent strides in the war against terror, rounding up insurgents and foreign fighters in Iraq while at the same time using intelligence to track down terrorist cells elsewhere in the world. While the U.S. continues to escape a major attack at home, serious students of terrorism and counter terrorism experts do not believe our luck will last. One day, the other shoe will drop. So prepare for the worst, but do not let that prevent you from enjoying what is a time of relative peace and prosperity in the U.S.

Many muslims dislike the U.S. because we are staunch supporters of Israel, but if Israel and Palestine reach some peaceful agreement and the constant killing on both sides stops, then the brewing hate may be reduced. Radical muslims will find something else about us to hate, but the opinions of the moderate Arab street should improve. Success in Iraq and turning control over to an Iraqi government will also help. However, conflict with Iran over their nuclear program is a simmering issue.

Issues that still need to be addressed in the war against terrorism are our easily penetrated borders, better inter-departmental cooperation and sharing of data and a lack of concern in many European countries. We believe that terrorist will continue to strike at targets in Europe because they are softer.

Middle East Unrest Eases:

We always expected Arafat was the problem with peace in the Middle East, and now that he has died, this is confirmed. He knew nothing but conflict, his power grew from fighting the Israelis, and so he never committed to the idea of peace. Now the Palestinian Authority has a leader who has more tools than a hammer, and we hope for peace and prosperity returning to this dangerous corner of the world. This would be good for both the Palestinians and Israelis, good the the Middle East and good for the world. Peace is not yet a done deal, but it is closer than any time in the past 15 years.

Nuclear Proliferation:

Although much attention is focused on Iraq, we see Iran's nuclear program as a serious mid-term threat. There are many unfortunate parallels between the attitudes and actions of the Iranian leaders and Saddam Hussein. They refuse to halt production of nuclear materials, they lie to their European partners (who turn a blind eye), they sponsor terrorism, and they seem to believe nothing will ever be done to them as a result. Have they not heard that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it? An issue that will simmer on the back burner for years but will eventually have to be dealt with.

North Korea has just stated that they have nuclear weapons, and the world has responded with a yawn. No surprise there. Their spoiled dictator is running around screaming like a child that can't understand why the adults are ignoring him. Unlike Europe's lackadaisical response to Iran, the concerned nations in the area -- including China and Russia -- are not taking this too lightly. They are sticking to their guns, with only South Korea acting a bit wishy washy.

We are moderately concerned that Iran or, more likely, North Korea could use nuclear weapons against the U.S. or an ally, we more concerned that they will provide a nuclear device to a terrorist outfit that would use them here in the U.S. As a result of the nuclear proliferation of the past 12 years, the threat of a nuclear device being used here or abroad is probably higher today than it has been since the fall of the Soviet Union. the good news is that we are not talking about global thermonuclear war, but only a few devices -- still, it will be a blast heard round the world and will destabilize the world economically and politically.

Contagious Diseases:

Despite all the talk in the news, the shortage of flu vaccines has not yet appeared to have had a negative affect on this flue season. However, it does show what managed care and interference with our free market system will do.

Both SARS and avian influenza, also known as the bird flu, are long term threats that are both on the radar screen here, but could re-ignite at almost any time. Avian Influenza appears to be a graver threat than SARS, and it still accounts for deaths in Vietnam, Thailand and other Asian countries. Worse, there is some recent evidence that Bird Flu is gaining the ability to transfer itself from human-to-human contact, the big jump it needs to make to reach pandemic proportions.

A lack of funds, a lack of science and a lack of awareness at the peasant farmer level mean that the bird flu is still active in flocks of chickens, geese, ducks and other fowl in much of Asia. Aa a result, the virus continues to mutate and evolve, absorbing DNA from new hosts and other viruses. As it evolves, it grows potentially more deadly. The fear is that it will mutate with a human flu virus, resulting in a super bug that is as easy to catch as the flu, but as deadly as Avian Influenza. And with modern transportation systems, a new highly transmittable flu could circumnavigate the globe in a matter of weeks, potentially killing tens of millions.

While scary, these early outbreaks serve as warning signs that our current world is ripe for the development of a new contagious viral illness against which we have no natural immunity and spur governments to improve their disease reporting, tracking and handling. Unfortunately, rapid air travel means a disease in a family farm in China could reach a major metropolis on our shores in 48 hours. The high density of people in major cities, the increased availability of local and global transportation, the lack of trained doctors and a paucity of isolation facilities compound this threat. Even the way in which we school our children – busing thousands to a single building and then intermingling them freely for six hours -- will allow diseases to spread more rapidly than past epidemics.

Whether a new disease emerges or an old disease re-emerges in an altered form is almost a moot point. But experts believe the world is over due for a major pandemic. We're monitoring the news and will keep you apprised of emerging threats, but we hope our lucky streak continues.

Keep in mind that a flu pandemic will kill far more people in a year than terrorist could ever dream of killing, and it cannot be stopped by airport screening or radiation detectors. It also has a far greater chance of directly affecting you and your family than terrorism. And while a terrorist attack hits in a moment, a bird flu pandemic will last weeks or months. Other Threats

A look at this summer's powerful hurricane season, the eruption of Mount St. Helens and the start of wildfire season out West shows that there are always additional threats, on a regional basis for which we must prepare. Other volcanoes may erupt, potentially spewing poisonous gasses for miles. In addition to regional emergencies, we must remain aware of global threats, such as an outbreak of war between China and Taiwan, North Korea and South Korea, Pakistan and India, or almost anywhere in the Middle East. But these flash points are quite for now and any general preparations you make to protect you against one emergency will also protect you against almost any other. Having food, water, shelter and a plan will cover 90 percent of your needs.

The important thing is that you start preparing today. Prepare before the emergency, not once it is here. Not only will this give you the best chance, it will be cheaper and easier. Read our Survival Guides and other information on this site to help improve your odds.

Having stored food and other supplies is the best thing you can do to prepare for an emergency. Long term storage foods are currently one sale in our online store.

All the great free information on our website is made possible thanks to sales from our store. All of our 3000+ items are offered for sale 24/7 and we offer online discounts and send out coupons with each order shipped.

The Terrorist Threat:

We know that terrorist extremists hate America and what we stand for. They hate our freedom, our individual rights, our wealth and our opportunity. They hate our religion, and they hate our values and our culture. They hate not only our president, but our form of government. And they hate the military progress and success we have made in Afghanistan and Iraq. They fear us and our might and know that we seek to destroy them before they can destroy us.

We know that many of them have been trained in camps, trained to build and set explosives, trained in guerrilla warfare, trained in how to create car bombs and dirty bombs. We know they have a burning desire to use this training, to attack Americans and Europeans and Jews and even those who believe in a gentler form of Islam. We know they will gladly die in the process of delivering an attack that succeeds in killing Americans or people who cooperate with the United States.

And because we know this, we know that they will strike again. We expect it. In fact, we are surprised it hasn't happened within the Continental United States since 9/11/01. But now it looks like we are closer to an attack on U.S. targets than we have ever been.

But what we don't know is how and when the attack will take place. We don’t know how many cells of terrorists are lying in wait, planning one or more attacks. We don't know if they have biological weapons like Anthrax or chemical weapons like nerve gas. We don’t know if they have plans to attack a chemical facility that could release phosgene, hydrogen cyanide or another deadly chemical into the air. We don't know if they will attack a rail yard or a water purification plant, releasing a cloud of poisonous chlorine gas into a nearby neighborhood. We don't know if they have conventional weapons, or if they will target an important bridge or dam, blowing it up with a truckload of fertilizer and diesel fuel.

Every expert we have spoken to believes terrorist will strike again. It is just a matter of time. Each and every American citizen needs to be prepared, both mentally, emotionally and physically, for another 9/11, or for a far worse scenario such as a nuclear attack on Washington or New York. You should be ready and able to gather your family together if they strike again. You should have food and water for several weeks or even months should our water supply be poisoned or transportation disrupted. You should have a means to defend yourself if civil unrest develops. You should have a means to survive if the economy falters and the stock market crashes.

Us the information on our website to prepare. Before it is too late.

If you are worried about chemical or biological attack, read about how to create a safe room.

Potential Epidemics Boil in Asia That person in front of you in the grocery store line, a friend from work, even a kid in your child's school could be the vector that introduces SARS, the bird flu or some future virus into your family.

Think back to last year's flu season. How many people did you know who got sick? How quickly did the flu or even a bad cold spread through a school or workplace. How many people do you know who took an antibiotic this winter? Now, think of what would happen if every other person you knew who got the flu had died, or if antibiotics were powerless to stop an emerging disease. Think of how caring for a sick family member could mean a death sentence. It's a frightening possibility, and even a death rate of one in eight, like SARS, would transform the world as we know it. Imagine if 30 or 40 million people in the United States died. Think of the social, cultural and economic impact that loss of life would have.

Experts agree that the U.S. and the rest of the developed world have been lucky to have gone so long without a major epidemic. But with increased intercontinental travel, crowded conditions in major cities, and Chinese farmers living in close proximity to their animals, it could just be a matter of time.

Many of these respiratory diseases will start with symptoms similar to a cold or the flu, so an epidemic could start before anyone really knows it. U.S. hospitals are under prepared and don't have enough isolation wards. Most scary are "super spreaders," people who contaminate dozens of others without even knowing it. People riding in an elevator in a Hong Kong hotel caught SARS from a doctor who stayed there. From that single point, it roared across much of Asia and into Toronto. The same could happen with a future illness.

The Center for Disease control has recommended strict quarantine in the case of an outbreak, including travel restrictions, closing work places and schools, shutting down mass transit and setting aside entire hospitals for SARS patients. They would adopt similar precautions in the event of another highly contagious disease. Are you prepared for this?

We recommend that you take steps to stay healthy and build your immune system so that a casual exposure will not sicken you, but once an outbreak starts we recommend:

If you must go out in public, wear a surgical or N95 mask and wash your hands regularly. Decontaminate (wash with antibacterial soap) as soon as you come home. Limit your air travel as much as possible. SARS has been spread by people on airlines. Stay off public transportation once the illness has reached your area. Avoid crowded public spaces such as movie theaters, malls and arenas. Pull your children out of school. Avoid hospitals and health clinics where sick people will go for diagnoses and treatment. A huge percentage of SARs patients got sick while in the hospital. Once an epidemic has reached your region of the country, practice Self-Imposed Quarantine. Instead of expecting sick or contagious to isolate themselves, take the initiative and isolate yourself. Locking your family inside the house is much safer and more full proof than expecting someone who is contagious to know it and to willingly quarantine themselves.

The Nuclear Threat:

We've believed for years that North Korea had one or two nuclear devices. Now they have confirmed this. They also posses the missile technology to reach Japan and much of Asia and possibly even the U.S. West Coast. But even if North Korea never uses a bomb, they could sell one to another power or to terrorists who wish to strike at the U.S.

Iran is also aggressively working to build a nuclear warhead, spurning International pressure to halt production and claiming that their nuclear facilities are for power generation. This blatant excuse isn't even fooling the French!

While tension between Pakistan and India has died down, both are nuclear powers with a chip on their shoulder, daring the other to knock it off. And we've seen proof that Pakistan has already aided Libya in her efforts to create a nuclear bomb. Who else has gained design and possibly technical help from them?

Parts of the former Soviet Union nuclear arsenal are supposedly unaccounted for. Their thousands of warheads, ranging from massive missile-delivered devices to nuclear artillery shells and suitcase bombs, may be the gravest threat to nuclear stability. Rumors and reports of missing devices and materials, as well as scientists with extensive experience selling their weapons expertise on the open market after the collapse of the Soviet Empire, cannot be discounted or disproved.

A nuclear device in the hands of a competent terrorist group could be smuggled onto U.S. shores before we were even aware such a transaction had taken place. And while a single nuclear bomb will not destroy the U.S., it will no doubt change our world and our world view significantly.

Look how the U.S. reacted to 9/11, where that single terrorist attack lead us to two wars. Can you imagine how we will sweep the earth after a nuclear attack on U.S. soil? We will do more than offend the French and Germans. I expect such an attack would result in nuclear attacks on North Korea and other rogue nations as soon as we proved any complicity on their part. How would China react in such a situation? How would Russia react? Once the nuclear jeanie has been let back out of the bottle, the world will be a much more dangerous place to live and could throw us into turmoil that could last a decade and affect every living person. Scary stuff.

It may be unimaginable to consider the use of nuclear weapons on U.S. soil, but we must remember that the fall of the Twin Towers was unimaginable until September 11, 2001.

Starting to Prepare:

Every time there is a disaster, a terrorist attack, talk of war, or another threat, people turn to these pages searching for answers. If you have found our online store because of a sudden desire to protect yourself and your loved ones, to survive and perhaps even thrive during the down times, we welcome you and can help you get started.

You don't have to live in the woods to be a survivalist, as plenty of New Yorkers proved after 9/11. That determination to survive, to walk home, barefoot, bloody and covered in ash, shows that there is a little bit of a survivalist in thousands of New Yorkers. We're betting its there in you, too. Hopefully, we can help you tap that inner spirit.

Here's your first lesson: Do not count on others to protect you. The police usually cannot stop a murder, a sniper attack or terrorist act from occurring, only arrest those who have committed it and hope it serves a deterrent. The government cannot always stop terrorists, only kill them afterwards and try to track down their leadership. The first lesson of being a survivalist is that you must be responsible for your own well-being. You must protect yourself.

When in Doubt, Plan Many people facing fear and uncertainty have found that knowledge is the best cure. This web site exists to help you gain some of that knowledge, to help you prepare, to give you the information you need to improve your odds at survival if you are ever caught up in the worst case scenario.

Whether you fear bombs, biological weapons, something as severe as the collapse of civilization or as mundane as a hurricane, making a plan to deal with the worst-case scenario can help reduce your level of fear. We believe the information and guidance we provide here can help you be better prepared and therefore overcome, or at least manage, your fear.

For example, people fearing anthrax can learn how to construct a "safe room" in your home.

Preparing for a Biological or Chemical Attack:

The government has bought at 100 million doses of Cipro, 1.2 billion does of doxycycline and has ordered 300 million smallpox vaccines, but they tell us not to worry. Yet they clearly fear the threat of continued or expanded biological terror attacks, and for good reason.

We have all seen first hand the disruption caused by a few envelopes and a few sniper's bullets. Worse yet are concerns of terrorist in crop dusters spraying sporting events and downtown streets with anthrax spores. And Anthrax is the least of our problems because it can be treated with antibiotics and is not very contagious. No, officials are far more worried about Smallpox, a disease that the UN has considered "eradicated" for some 30 years, and they are worried about suicidal bombers setting off Sarin gas bombs similar to the ones in Tokyo subway system ten years ago that killed dozens and injured 5,000.

But how much should we worry? Is the threat realistic? Do you really need a gas mask to survive in the future? If our government is preparing to vaccinate 20,000 first-responders, up to 500,000 medical personnel and 500,000 soldiers, should you get a smallpox vaccine too?

First, you need to realize that the chance of you personally being on the receiving end of an attack is very low, unless you live or work in an area that is a high-potential target, such as the post office, the media or the government.

Second, the greatest risk to the population in general is not an attack, but its aftermath. (In the anthrax attack, only 17 people came down with anthrax and less than half died.) The threat is not only the disease, but the unrest and disruption. Will the government declare martial law, close airports and block roadways, order everyone to remain quarantined in their homes and take other harsh precautions designed to stop the spread of disease? If so, do you have enough food and water to survive for a week or three without being able to run out to the store?

Will a bioterrorist attack be the straw that breaks the economy and sends it back into a recession? Will the food supply be disrupted? Will you have fresh, clean water to drink? Will you lose your job?

These are things you need to prepare for. Looking over our website is a good place to start. If you won't feel safe without a gas mask or chemical protection suit by your side, we're happy to sell them to you. But we suggest you stock up on food, water filters, blankets, flashlights and other more essential items as well.

Battery Powered Portable Fans For emergency Preparedness And Hot Summer Days.

These small battery operated fans are packed with power. You can carry them or place them on a desk. Instantly change your temperature and cool down with your own hand held cooling fan. This battery powered fan is fun, fashionable and easy to use. The fans energy comes from two AA batteries which can be replaced in a moments notice. The fan has safety foam blades and is available in a wide variety of assorted colors. When the power goes out, or even for a quick cooling breeze in the car, this battery powered fan is life saver.

Large Battery Operated Fan Cool Fan Breeze, Even When The Power Goes Out. This large portable battery operated fan runs on household batteries or 120 volts. This fan operates on 8 D size batteries and will run the fans for 24 hour straight. The large 10" blade size makes this battery fan the most powerful portable fan on the market. The fan stores easily and is ready to use in a moments notice. So plan ahead and stay cool with this 10" large portable battery fan. More Battery Operated Fan Info.

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10" Powerful battery powered fan for hurricanes in florida.






Powerful fan for POWER OUTAGES, HOME Battery fan, OFFICE fan, BOAT fan, RV fan, CAMPING fan, fan for PICNICS, fan for THE BEACH, ALMOST ANYWHERE

Product Description:

With its attractive compact design, whisper quiet fan and low power consumption, our Portable Air Conditioners and fans are the economical alternative to expensive 120 volt portable fans that cost hundreds of dollars! Small and compact design allows for easy transport, take them with you anywhere! Conditioned air that is very refreshing on those hot days. For use in your car, boat, tent, camper or RV. Unlike other portable air conditioners and battery operated fans, Great for use in Cars, Trucks, Boats, Campers, Tents, Hunting Blinds, Sporting Events, at Home or in the Office!

Fans show the technological and industrial advancements that have been made in the US over time, from the battery powered fans to ones that run on water, electricity or kerosene. What started out as waving a leaf and creating an artificial breeze to cool oneself on hot days has now become a household item. The Egyptians used hand fans made of palm leaves. Artists decorated early Greek vases with pictures of fans. Fans were used to brush flies from sacred vessels in the Christian church from AD 300 until about 1300. The folding fan was invented in Japan about AD 700. The Chinese began using it, then the Portuguese and it came to Europe by the 1500s.

As the years progressed, fans also became a fashion statement of the era, with Louis XV of France carrying it as fit for royalty. Fans became made of all materials such as parchment, silk, lace, ostrich feather and often mounted fans on carved handles of ivory , tortoise-shell, horn , bone or sandalwood.

Water powered fans used streams of water that passed through a hose and would turn a small wheel inside the fan. This would then spin the blades. Alcohol or kerosene powered fans, used when electricity was not available, operated through a burner, which would push the piston and the blades of the fan. Oscillating fans followed stationary fans and introduced new types of oscillators, including : vanes and the design of them. As society changed, fans evolved from floor fans to mounted fans, to ceiling fans, to center fans and at least 800 companies developed including General Electric, Westinghouse, Robbins & Meyers, Singer, Diehl, Eck, Crocker-Wheeler, Meston, Freshen Aire, Colonial, Century, Trojan, Dayton, Menominee, and Peerless Fans .

Over time, with technological improvements, the electric fan has largely replaced the hand fan. A fan is a device used for circulating air in rooms by producing currents of air. A fan consists of a series of radial blades attached to a rotating hub. The rotating assembly of blades and hub is known as an impeller, a rotor, or a runner. Fans may be driven by an electric motor, an internal-combustion engine, a steam turbine, or a gas turbine. Fans may be classified as centrifugal or axial-flow. In centrifugal fans, air is led through pipe to the center, or eye, of the impeller, which forces it radially out into the spiral casing from which it flows to a discharge pipe. In an axial-flow fan, with the runner and guide vanes in a cylindrical housing, air passes through the runner essentially without changing its distance from the axis of rotation. There is no centrifugal effect. Guide vanes smooth the airflow and improve efficiency. In general, an axial-flow fan is good for a relatively large rate of flow with a small pressure gain, and a centrifugal fan for a small rate of flow and a large pressure gain.

The electric fan is a device used to circulate air. The first electric fan was made in 1886 by Schuyler S. Wheeler who placed a propeller on the end of a shaft which he turned with an electric motor. When the propeller revolved with the shaft, it pushed the air away and created an air current. All electric fans circulate air by means of propeller blades or turbo-blowers. The blades are connected to the motor shaft with belts. The most common electric fans is the one used in homes to create a breeze in hot weather. The motor draws power from the main circuit of the house. Exhaust fans are useful to remove cooking odors and gases out of kitchens. Industrial plants also use large fans to draw out gases, dust and hot air. Fans are used for circulating air in rooms and buildings; for cooling motors and transmissions; for cooling and drying people, materials, or products; for exhausting dust and fumes; for forced draft in steam boilers; and in heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems.

All Weather Wind Up AM/FM Radio Listen To This Radio Even If You Don't Have Batteries! Premium Hurricane Supplies: This emergency wind up radio is one of the best on the market. It is great for emergencies, talk radio, traffic, weather or just for fun. It operates on AA batteries or a wind up crand generator. This Wind up radio is a must for any disaster or power outage. "More on Wind up Radio"

BATTERY OPERATED TV Watch & Hear Emergency News When Power Goes Out

Battery Powered TV /AM/FM Radio Watch Portable TV News & Weather Even When The Power Goes Out! This portable battery operated television runs for 24 hours on household batteries and can save your life when the power goes out. It can be powered by "D" size batteries, a car 12-volt battery, or 120-volt home outlet. This portable TV is great for emergencies, camping, boating, RV's or the home. This product is also bundled in our pre-packed Hurricane Emergency Supplies Kit. "Emergency Kit with Wind Up Radio"

Indoor Outdoor Hurricane Lantern Best Battery Operated Hurricane Lantern We Could Find! Hurricane Supplies: This battery operated long lasting indoor outdoor hurricane lantern offers all the features you will ever need when the "lights go out". Sometimes called a candle lantern, it is super bright, lights for 16 hours and is waterproof. It is good for emergencies, camping or everyday household use. Additionally, this hurricane hanging lantern can be stored for years and still work when needed. Best Camping, Outdoor Lantern Series.

Safety Central carries Hand Held Battery Powered Fans

You can stay cool all night long when the power goes out with this large powerful portable battery powered fan. The fan operates on battery power or an AC Adapter. This fan is a necessity for when the electricity goes out – like a hurricane. This battery powered fan is very portable, goes anywhere, and lasts for (24) hours on a single set of alkaline batteries. Don’t be caught in the heat - Plan ahead and stay cool!

WORK, SCHOOL OR HOME EMERGENCY HURRICANE KIT Emergency Hurricane Kit Includes NEW Wind up Radio Everything You Need For When The Lights Go Out!The Hurricane Kit has all of the hurricane supplies you will need in the event of an emergency. Weather it's a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or terrorist attack, it's only smart to be prepared. It is packed with an emergency wind up radio, battery powered TV, flashlights, first-aid-kit, tons of batteries and more. Don't waste time - we did the shopping for you.

Includes Everything You Need For When The Lights Go Out!

Radio Flashlight Siren Combinations "Everything You Need In One Compact Tool" Rugged sports design for outdoor use with built-in features for emergencies. It includes AM/FM radio receiver, built-in flashlight with powerful light reflector, siren, blinking light, and a LCD time/date clock. This is a great safety item for when the lights go out!

Road Side Emergency Kit With Tools & Spot Light

Car Roadside Kit with Flashlight & Tools Don't Be caught On The Road Without The Proper Tools This car roadside emergency kit offers all the light and tools you need when you have a roadside emergency. It includes a powerful flashlight and a super bright flashing tail light. Inside stores a full set solid state automotive tools, tire gauge and fuses. Additionally, this roadside emergency supplies kit runs on batteries or plugs into your 12 volt cigarette lighter. Everything is stored in an easy to carry and store heavy duty ABS plastic case.

Hurricane Supplies 7 Day Emergency Candles Don't Drip Wax, Don't Blow Out ,& Burn For Days These long lasting candles are easy to light and burn for over 7 days. The solid glass container prevents wax from dripping and makes them easy to carry when the "lights go out". These candles are a must have for any blackout or disaster. They currently ship in a three candle bundle with an 9" extension lighter.

Listen To The World

Weather and Shortwave Radios These Panasonic and Sony shortwave radios offer superior around the world reception. It features 12 bands (LW/MW/FM/SW) with an easy-to-use analog tuner and LED tuning indicator. It also offers an FM Stereo headphone jack for private listening, and its size makes it perfect for travel.

Plays For 5 Days Straight

NOAA Weather Radio "Great for kids, emergencies or blackouts!" These radios last for days on a single set of batteries. One model has immediate NOAA weather radio with TV, and the other has a cassette player for kids. Great for any disaster kit.


Heavy-Duty First Aid Kit Great Size For Your School, Car, Home, or Office A first aid kits keeps you healthy and prepared for almost any emergency. This kit meets OSHA standards and includes bandages, antiseptics and pain relievers and much, much more. Great for any emergancy or disaster kit. This product is also bundled in our pre-packed ready kit call the "Hurricane Kit"

LED LAST OVER 5 DAYS ON A SINGLE SET OF BATTERIES LED Flashlights Lasts 10 Times Longer Than A Regular Flashlight These new LED flashlights are exactly what you need when the lights goes out! Some LED models light up to 200 hours (5 days) on a single set of batteries. Plus, the new bulb will never burn out. It carries a lifetime guarantee. All of our LED flashlights are the best on the market. They are truly the only flashlight you will want when the power goes out.

Keep Batteries On Hand For All Your Radios & Flashlights

Extra Batteries Batteries are the most item to sock up on! When you need long lasting reliable power, count on these batteries. For products ranging from televisions, flashlights, led flashlights and radios, we offer only the best batteries for every application. Compare!

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Freeze-Drying & Freeze-Dried Food

The basic process of freeze-drying food was known to the ancient Peruvian Incas of the Andes. Freeze-drying, or lyophilization, is the sublimation/removal of water content from frozen food. The dehydration occurs under a vacuum, with the plant/animal product solidly frozen during the process. Shrinkage is eliminated or minimized, and a near-perfect preservation results. Freeze-dried food lasts longer than other preserved food and is very light, which makes it perfect for space travel. The Incas stored their potatoes and other food crops on the mountain heights above Machu Picchu. The cold mountain temperatures froze the food and the water inside slowly vaporized under the low air pressure of the high altitudes.

During World War II, the freeze-dried process was developed commercially when it was used to preserve blood plasma and penicillin. Freeze-drying requires the use of a special machine called a freeze-dryer, which has a large chamber for freezing and a vacuum pump for removing moisture. Over 400 different types of freeze-dried foods have been commercially produced since the 1960s. Two bad candidates for freeze-drying are lettuce and watermelon because they have too high a water content and freeze-dry poorly. Freeze-dried coffee is the best-known freeze-dried product.

The Freeze-Dryer

Special thanks goes to Thomas A. Jennings, PhD, author of for his reply to the question, "Who invented the first freeze-dryer?" "Lyophilization - Introduction and Basic Principles,"

There is no real invention of a freeze-dryer. It appears to have evolved with time from a laboratory instrument that was referred to by Benedict and Manning (1905) as a "chemical pump". Shackell took the basic design of Benedict and Manning and used an electrically driven vacuum pump instead of the displacement of the air with ethyl ether to produce the necessary vacuum. It was Shackell who first realized that the material had to be frozen before commencing the drying process - hence freeze-drying. The literature does not readily reveal the person who first called the equipment used to conduct this form of drying a "freeze-dryer".

Freeze-dried coffee was first produced in 1938, and lead to the development of powdered food products. Nestle company invented freeze-dried coffee, after being asked by Brazil to help find a solution to their coffee surpluses. Nestle's own freeze-dried coffee product was called Nescafe, and was first introduced in Switzerland. Tasters Choice Coffee, another very famous freeze-dried manufactured product, derives from a patent issued to James Mercer. From 1966 to 1971, Mercer was chief development engineer for Hills Brothers Coffee Inc. in San Francisco. During this five-year period, he was responsible for developing a continuous freeze-drying capability for Hills Brothers, for which he was granted 47 U.S. and foreign patents.

How Freeze-Drying Works

According to Oregon Freeze Dry - The purpose of freeze-drying is to remove a solvent (usually water) from dissolved or dispersed solids. Freeze-drying is method for preserving materials, which are unstable in solution. In addition, freeze-drying can be used to separate and recover volatile substances, and to purify materials. The fundamental process steps are:


The product is frozen. This provides a necessary condition for low temperature drying. Vacuum: After freezing, the product is placed under vacuum. This enables the frozen solvent in the product to vaporize without passing through the liquid phase, a process known as sublimation. Heat: Heat is applied to the frozen product to accelerate sublimation. Condensation: Low-temperature condenser plates remove the vaporized solvent from the vacuum chamber by converting it back to a solid. This completes the seperation process.

Applications of Freeze-Dried Fruits in Confectionery Products

In freeze-drying, moisture sublimes directly from the solid state to vapor, thus producing a product with controllable moisture, no need for cooking or refrigeration, and natural flavor and color.

History of Food in Space

More than 20 years ago, astronaut John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth. His mission lasted nearly five hours and before splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean, Glenn and his Mercury spacecraft completed three trips around the world. Among the many tasks Glenn had to perform while in orbit were the first American space experiments in eating food in the weightless conditions of Earth orbit. Glenn's flight was too short to make eating a necessity but future flights were expected to last many days and even weeks. His experience would help design space food systems.

Eating in space for John Glenn turned out to be an easy though not too tasty experience. Before the flight, some experts were worried that, in weightlessness food would be hard to swallow and as a result, collect in the throat. Glenn found that eating in space was relatively easy and once the food reached the mouth, there was no problem in swallowing. Other Mercury astronauts following John Glenn were forced to endure bite-sized cubes, freeze dried foods, and semi-liquids in aluminum toothpaste-type tubes. They found the food unappetizing, had trouble rehydrating the freeze-dried foods, and disliked squeezing the tubes. Futhermore, crumbs from the bite-sized cubes had to be captured to prevent them from fouling instruments.

In the Gemini missions eating in space became more normal. The aluminum tubes of the Mercury program were replaced because the container weighed more than the food inside. Bite-sized food chucks were coated with an edible gelatin to reduce crumbling. Rehydratables were encased in an improved plastic container. To rehydrate food, water was injected into the pack through the nozzle of a water gun. After kneading the contents the food became a puree and was squeezed through a tube into the astronaut's mouth.

Not only were the food containers for the Gemini astronauts improved but the menu selections were enlarged enough to provide four days of meals before repeating any menus. A typical meal would include shrimp cocktail, chicken and vegetables, toast squares, butterscotch pudding, and apple juice. Before each flight, meal combinations were chosen by the astronauts themselves but the menus chosen were required to provide 2,800 calories per day. To provide proper balance, 16 to 17 percent of the menu consisted of protein, 30 to 32 percent fat, and 50 to 54 percent carbohydrate.

In the Apollo program, food packages were similar to those used on Gemini missions but the variety of food was considerably greater. Apollo astronauts had the added luxury of heated water for hot drinks and foods at a temperature of 67 degrees C (154 degrees F) and chilled water at 7 degrees C (45 degrees F). Water temperatures from the dispenser of the Gemini spacecraft hovered at the 21 degrees C (70 degrees F) ambient spacecraft temperature. With hot water available, food was easier to rehydrate and much improved in taste.

Further advances in Apollo food systems came with the introduction of the "spoon-bowl" package for rehydratable foods and retort pouches for thermostabilized foods. Following rehydration of the contents in the spoon-bowl, a pressure type, plastic zipper was opened and the food removed with a spoon. The moisture content in the food enabled it to cling to the spoon, making eating a more normal experience.

In 1973 and 1974, the Skylab spacecraft was occupied by three teams of astronauts. Space food systems there were much improved over systems used in Apollo, Gemini, and Mercury. Unlike previous space vehicles for astronauts, Skylab featured a large interior volume and space was available for a dining room table. The table was a pedestal where food trays were mounted. When dining, the three-astronaut teams would "sit down" in the air by means of foot and thigh restraints and eat in an almost normal fashion. The food trays not only held the food in place but also served as warming devices. Underneath three of eight cavities in the trays were warmers that could raise temperatures of foods needing heating to 66 degrees C (151 degrees F).

Food containers for the Skylab astronauts consisted of aluminum cans with full panel pull-out lids. Cans containing thermostabilized food had a build-in membrane to prevent spillage when removing the lid in can and had a water valve for rehydration. Canned, ready-to-eat foods were held in the can with a slit plastic cover. Instead of plastic drinking bags, Skylab drinking containers were collapsible bottles that expanded accordian style when filled with hot or cold water.

Eating on Skylab was a fairly normal operation. Knife, fork, and spoon were held magnetically to the food tray until needed. A pair of scissors was added to the usual utensils for cutting open the plastic membranes. With careful use of the utensils, food would remain in the cans until needed. On occasion however, a too rapid motion with a fork or spoon would cause a piece of meat or other food to drift away from the tray.

Because of its relatively large storage space, Skylab was able to feature an extensive menu of 72 different food items. Unique to Skylab was a freezer for foods such as filet mignon and vanilla ice cream and a refrigerator for chilling fruits and beverages. Enough food was carried to provide each astronaut with 1.9 kilograms (4.2 pounds) of food per day. This weight also included the weight of the primary food packaging.

In 1975, the last Apollo flights took place with the Apollo-Soyuz docking mission. The Apollo spacecraft did not have the freezer that Skylab featured but many of the food advances from Skylab and the earlier Apollo missions were incorporated. Because of the short duration of the flight (nine days), many short shelf-life items were added to the foods carried. Fresh breads and cheese were included as a part of 80 different varieties of food dined upon by the Apollo while others were placed in spoon-bowl packages or plastic drinking bags. To make eating easier, a food tray was carried on the mission. The tray did not warm the food as the Skylab tray did, but it held the food in place with springs and Velcro fasteners. The tray was secured to the crewmember's leg during meal time.

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Freeze dried foods for camping and emergency preparedness

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