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Fast Shipping!
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Reliance® Hunters Snap-On Luggable Loo Toilet Seat & Lid, Dark Green

Price: $14.87

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

An essential sanitary item for any hunting or fishing trip

Snaps to the top of most all 5 and 6 gallon buckets

Never worry about heeding the call of nature on your next hunting, fishing or camping trip. Portable folding toilet seat for emergency sanitation.

Finally a portable solution. Featuring a snap-on toilet seat & lid to hold plastic bags in place for bucket toilets. Great for camping, expeditions, families, and situations where other facilities are not available. A serious preparedness item. Buy this handy moulded plastic toilet seat with cover and you have your own commode for all types of outdoor activities!

You can use it for camping, fishing, RV's, Campsites or any outdoor activity when you gotta go!

This plastic lid snaps on to your 5 gallon paint bucket (you know the type you get at Home Depot or any Paint Store) and you have a toilet seat with a lid!

You should buy our heavy-duty plastic liners if you wish and you and even use our self-dissolving deodorants packets.

When you break camp and head back home, just pull off the seat, rinse and put away until the next time you go camping.

Stores flat and takes up very little space. This sure beats the plain old "sit and squat" routine.

This heavy duty plastic seat will support the weight of almost any large camper!

A great iem for your best camping buddy!

(Bucket sold separately)

Items you should add to Toilet Seat & Lid:

Sold in our toiletries section:

Colored buckets, tissue, plastic bags, deodorant packets, anti-bacterial hand wipes, toilet seat covers. A “must have” emergency preparedness item!

Color: Dark Green