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Fast Shipping!
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Inflate-A-Potty The Portable Inflatable Sanitary Toilet Solution, Adult Size

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Product Description

Adult Size Inflate A Potty - A portable potty that inflates in seconds!

You can take it anywhere! Inflatable potty fits into: Pocket - Tote Bag - Back Pack - Purse - Glove Compartment - Boat Compartment - Emergency Kit...and any other convenient location. A portable potty chair that inflates in seconds! Have a Safe Clean Bathroom Anywhere. Inflatable toilet is reusable time after time. Inflate potty quickly by blowing up like a beach ball with removable extension tube.

This is the convenient and sanitary solution when restrooms are not available. Great for camping, vehicles, fishing, hiking, Don’t forget those “Roadside Emergencies” you can take it anywhere!

Dimension of Adult-Size Potty Fully Inflated:

Height: 11.5"
Depth: 13.5"
Width: 15.5"

Dimension of Adult-Size Potty In Storage pouch:

7"W x 8.5"H x 2"D

Description: Inflatable Toilet

It's inevitable. You're on a road trip. You stopped at the filling station. You've made sure everyone has taken care of business. 20 miles down the road with no available restrooms for miles - you receive a request to stop from the back seat. Take care of these little emergencies with the Inflate-A-Potty. Our potties Inflate in seconds to provide a clean safe bathroom virtually anywhere the need arises. Available in two sizes for children or adults. Line and cover the entire child-size unit with 8-gallon kitchen trash bags, or the adult-size with ordinary 13-gallon trash bags, to keep everything neat and clean. Mommy, I Gotta Go NOW! No matter how far you are from the nearest restroom, our inflatable travel potty gives kids an instant, sanitary place to go. Great for tots in potty training! Inflates quickly; stores compactly. Inflatable toilet can handle an adult weight capacity of up to 200 lbs. Disposable inserts keep the potty clean and hygienic. Includes travel pouch, inflating tube, and three inserts. (For refills, use 13-gallon trash bags found everywhere!) Inflate-A-Potty, Travel Potty, Traveling Toilet, Portable Toilet, Car Toilet, Child Potty, Inflate Toilet, Inflatable Restroom, potty training, Travel Toilet, Travel Potty Seat, Inflatable Potti, Inflatible Child potty, Inflatible Adult potty, Potties.

It’s genius! Here’s the Inflate-A-Potty, a portable potty that inflates in seconds and uses a regular kitchen trash bags as liners! Deflated, the Inflate-A-Potty folds into it's own pouch and is compact enough to store in the glove compartment, pocket, tote bag or purse. 3 disposable bags, twist ties, tissue and extension tube are included and also fit into the pouch. May be used inside larger vehicles for privacy. Also great for use on camping or hiking excursions where facilities are unsanitary or unavailable. Please dispose of waste properly. Not for use in moving vehicle.