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Fast Shipping!
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Sport Utility Dry Box, Ammo Type Lockable Plastic Waterproof Storage Box, Alert Orange, Large High

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Product Description

Sport Utility Dry Box, Ammo Type Lockable Plastic Waterproof Storage Box, Alert Orange, Large High

America's No.1 Sport Utility Dry Box for Over 20 Years!

Made of heavy-duty plastic, this box keeps its contents dry and protected from some of the most extreme environments! This military style ammo box is an excellent container for a field tool kit - since tools tend to poke or wear their way through drybags. These lockable field storage boxes are also useful for storing items you want to protect from being crushed inside lighterweight materials. Waterproof storage box. Plastic first aid storage box, Military style plastic storage box. Lockable storage box, Locking ammo box. Weather proof plastic storage container. Hunting supplies storage box. Field utility storage box.

Keep your safety equipment, cell-phone, handheld electronics, and registration dry and easily accessible with these waterproof storage boxes. For the operator that must have his kit organized, these boxes were made for you! Use for gun parts, ammo, paintballs, first aid, gun cleaning gear and anything else that needs a dry, cool and extremely strong place to be stored. Roomy base interior shuts out moisture problems with a tight, weather resistant, O-ring seal. A lift out tray helps to organize gear keeping smaller items on top, not crushed or buried at the bottom. The top access lid compartment divides specialty tools into sections for quick retrieval. Thick side-wall construction, a heavy-duty latch and padlock tabs assure a secure barrier against uninvited guests. Just the ticket for the active outdoor adventurer.

They even stack on top of one another!

Sportsman's Dry Boxes can be used for 101 uses. Hunters, campers, boaters, and sportsmen alike, will find these boxes perfect for their needs. Excellent dry storage for first aid supplies, flares, tools and emergency equipment. O-ring gasket makes these boxes Water tight. box is lightweight but rugged, compact and stackable. These lockable storage boxes are equipped with a fold-down carrying handle. Box comes with a removable tray.

The Only Commercial Dry Box Patterned After The U.S. Armed Forces Legendary Steel Ammo Box

Used world wide for commercial and industrial applications.

Extra thick wall copolymer construction will not distort or warp from sun, cold, or rough handling.

Unique MOLDED IN retainers to stack boxes one on top of another.

Hand laid lid gasket seals the inside from moisture, protects your gear from damage.

Super strong reinforced steel pin hinge system that never ever fails.

Heavy duty steel bar latch system with locking feature to keep your gear safe and secure.

True & Square inner side walls allows gear to stack tight without shifting.

Box 560215 comes with a removable Storage tray.

Beefy carry handle stores within the lid.


Outside 15"W X 7.5"L X 11.5"D
Inside 12"W X 6"L X 9.75"D

MFG Model 560215

Color: Alert Orange
Carrying Handle