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Fast Shipping!
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Liquid Gold Rapid Dissolving Biodegradable Toilet Tissue Paper Rolls, 2 Roll Pack

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description


This is no ordinary toilet tissue! Liquid Gold Toilet Tissue breaks down in waste water quickly and can be flushed out easily - unlike many brands of tissue. These toilet tissue rolls are a must for RV's, portable toilets and campsite toilets. Especially useful when little water is available such as after damage from an earthquake, tornado or hurricane.

Used in RV's, campgrounds, Mountain cabins, boats and portable toilets worldwide to prevent back-ups!

Biodegradable Camping or marine portable toilet tissue paper. Disintegrates rapidly to prevent clogging of drainage system. Keeps systems free flowing. Liquid Gold Rapid dissolving toilet tissue is ideal for use in chemical toilets, portable flush toilets, septic tanks, recreational vehicle and boat toilet systems, composting toilets and residential holding tanks that must be pumped out or waste retention systems in campgrounds. No tissue digesters needed. Saves trees - made from 100% recycled fibres. Processed without chlorine bleaching.

Liquid Gold toilet paper breaks-down in RV Tanks, portable toilets, campsites and homes with septic systems that are sensitive to back-ups.

Earth friendly Biodegradable toilet paper - dissolves quickly!

Safe for RV and septic tank systems
100% recycled content
90% post consumer fiber
2 rolls - 1000 sheets per roll
Single ply tissue - dissolves quickly
Chorine free/unbleached paper
Disintegrates rapidly which prevents clogging
Keeps toilet systems free-flowing
No Tissue digesters needed