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Fast Shipping!
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Mr. Heater® Portable Propane Radiant Heater, Model MH12TS

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

Mr. Heater's original portable Radiant propane heater, the single burner with sparklite electronic push button start, is an 8,000 to 14,000 BTU radiant propane heater. This unit mounts to your standard 5 to 20-pound propane barbecue tank. This heater has a high, medium, and low regulator. It also features a safety shut-off and thermocouple. The single propane heater will operate for approximately 30 hours on high, 45 hours on low, on a 20-pound cylinder. This heater is great for the outdoor enthusiast. Designed for outdoor use only. Cylinder NOT Included.

Safety: Fuel valve shuts off if flame goes out
Reflector Size: 9in. Across x 14in. High x 5in. Deep
Clearance to Combustibles: 24in. from centerline of heater to floor and 30in. to sides and above heater

• Up to 45 hours burn time on one 20 pound cylinder, on low setting
• 8,000-14,000 BTU single radiant propane heater
• Sparklite electronic push button start (no electicity required)
• High, medium, and low regulator
• Safety shutoff and thermocouple
• Mounts to a 5 to 20-pound cylinder

Look At The Advantages Of A Mr Heater® Portable Propane Heater!

No Electricity or Fan Required
Variable Heat
Convenient, Portable Heater
All Necessary Fittings Included
Automatic Safety Shut-Off
Economical-Cost Pennies Per Hour To Heat

MFG Model MH12TS (Electronic Push Button Start)


• Loading Docks
• Tailgating
• Poolside Areas
• Auto/Truck Repair
• Thawing & Heating Purposes
• Splitting Wood
• Animal Comfort
• Patios
• Ice Fishing
• Camping
• Vehicle Maintenance
• Construction Sites