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Fast Shipping!
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One Person Camp Sleeping Bag Mosquito Net, Model T-01

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Product Description

An efficient compact Mosquito Net designed for the individual sleeping bag and the lightweight camper.

This compact mosquito net is designed for practical camping use. It is lightweight and comes with a nylon carrying pouch that makes it easy to fit into backpacks. It has one 5' length of sturdy nylon cord to attach to a tree limb or overhang, and conveniently tucks under a single sleeping bag for secure and sound sleep apart from annoying mosquito and biting insects.

Includes 4 stainless steel rings at corners to peg down to the ground. Pegs not included.

Size: 76''L x 48''W x 48''H
Material: Nylon
Color: White Single point suspension

MFG Model T-01