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Fast Shipping!
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Sellstrom® Odyssey® II Protective Indirectly Vented Splash Safety Goggles

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Product Description

High-Tech Goggle design offer Wide Peripheral Vision!!

Ultra Clear Lens for unmatched viewing clarity

Blue body with indirect vents with sealed dual anti-scratch, anti-fog clear lens.

It’s perfectly clear that Sellstrom’s NEW line of Odyssey® II safety goggles will fit your individual needs. These safety goggles are the right choice for most all applications including Clean Room, disaster preparedness, Swat/Police, Military, Industrial Chemical Splash and employee protection. Feature include a unique sealed dual scratch-resistant, anti-fog lens, made out of UV absorbing polycarbonate, provide outstanding impact strength and optical clarity for rugged industrial protection. For indoor and outdoor work environments where normal to low light conditions exists. Enhance contrast while reducing eye strain and fatigue with an clear lens. Great wrap-around style provides both a secure, comfortable fit with extra wide peripheral vision. Easily fits over prescription eyewear. Indirect vents on the top and bottom protect against liquids and dust while permitting indirect ventilation. Supplied with an adjustable strap. Meets ANSI Z87.1 Standards.

Indirectly vented goggles can offer protection from bacteria and virus infection. The vents prevent airborn particals from entering the wearers eyes. Please check with WHO, World Health Organization for more information on Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) and SARS recommended equipment. Goggles are part of an anti-infection program, additional PPE, Personal protective Equipment must be worn.

These quality Sellstrom anti-splash safety goggles protect the entire eye area, give wide angle vision with complete optical fidelity, and may be worn over most prescription glasses. Vents in the mask provide indirect ventilation to prevent fogging and chemical splash. Keep both flying particles and debris out of your eyes.

Sellstrom® Odyssey® II Protective Indirectly Vented Splash Goggles


Indirect Vents
Flame Retartant
Adjustable Elastic Strap
Sealed Dual Lens
Universal Fit
Fits over Prescription Eyewear