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Fast Shipping!
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The Perfect Campfire Grill - The Rebel

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Product Description


The Rebel Perfect Campfire Grill is a sure hit with car-campers, campers, beach-goers, group events, BBQ, off road trips and motorcyclists

Unlike any other grill, the Rebel portable size camp grill can be used with charcoal or with a ground campfire. The two-piece stake, 10" x 12" grill rack and charcoal pan all fit into the Rebel's own carrying bag. Load the charcoal pan with charcoal before packing, place the Rebel in your saddlebag, backpack or car, and you will be ready to cook when you arrive at your cook site. The Perfect Campfire Grill, the patented Rebel has the trademarked raised edge. This allows the chef to position food over the entire grilling area, right to the edge of the rack, without fear of loosing it to the fire. Camp Grill. The grill rack and charcoal pan connect to the stake with an L-Shaped screw. The stake is connected with a screw and connects snugly together with included wrenches. Storage Tote Included!

How to Care for The Rebel Perfect Campfire Grill

With The Perfect Campfire Grill, you can perfectly prepare your favorite outdoor foods from steaks, chops and fish to hot dogs, chicken, burgers, game meats and more! The Perfect Campfire Grill is made of top quality stainless steel and will last for many years. Its FDA-approved coating makes it safe for campfire cooking. The Perfect Campfire Grill is GUARANTEED to provide you with many years of grilling your favorite foods over even the most extreme campfire heat.

Using The Rebel Perfect Campfire Grill

Place your food items on the grill rack, right up to the edge. Our patented raised edge enables you to use the entire cooking surface without food rolling off into the fire. The raised edge is also a handy backstop for flipping burgers and other foods.

The rotating grill feature allows you to safely baste and remove food. To turn the grill away from the campfire, simply rotate the grill and the stake will turn. There is no need to loosen the 90-degree screw.

Cleaning The Rebel Perfect Campfire Grill

Clean up is simple. While the grill is still hot and on the stake, brush it with a steel-bristled grill brush. This will enable you to easily remove any food particles. Some discoloration after use is normal. Once the grill is cool, you can further clean the surface with dish soap and water or steel wool. After clean up, store your grill or just leave it out for next time.

Customer Testimonials - The Original

We love the Perfect Campfire Grill that we recently ordered and received....thank you for such an easy transaction. My husband and I are RV'ers, and the grill has proven to be the perfect answer for us. Not all campsites provide grills, and those that do are sometimes less than desirable for us to cook our food on. Your grill sets up very easily and we especially like the lip that aids in removing food. That, together with the adjustable height and the swing feature makes this the perfect ...

Jill - San Antonio, Texas

Hello, I purchased my Campfiregrill in the summer of 2005. I can say it was the best purchase of my life. This is something I used everyday while camping. The convenience of being able to swing the grill away from the fire and raise it up and down is great. I can't wait until spring so I can try some new recipes. Thanks again for a great product.

Jim - Sparta, New Jersey

... I love the way it cleans up and storage is no problem. I'd still give it a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 because there isn't anything bad to say about it. Thanks for creating a wonderful product ...

Russ - Windber, PA

Love my grill. Initially ordered my grill for my personal use when camping with the family. It's perfect for cooking over a campfire regardless of what kind of fire pit you get from one camp site to another. Never once had any issues using it. I'm a Scoutmaster and brought it along on a camping trip to cook with and all the other adults were so impressed by it we purchased one for the troop as part of our normal camping gear.

Frank - Mt Laurel, NJ

I purchased your grill over ten years ago, and after hundreds of uses, it still looks and works as well as the day I received it. We use it on camping trip, hunting trips and backyard barbeques. The design is great, as I have yet to loose any food over the raised edge or burn myself because of the swing-away top. Thanks...