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Fast Shipping!
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Pet Finder Fire Alert Rescue Sticker

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

Pet Finder Fire Rescue Stickers. Protect Your pets in case of fire, flood, or disaster! Alert firefighters, police, and others to rescue your pets. Strong, durable, static cling window decals will not fade from sunlight and will adhere to any smooth glass surface. Pet Finder decals can be easily applied or removed and reused

Pet Finder static window cling. Place on a window near pets area. alerts firefighters of the animals location. Pet safety alert stiker for all of us who love our pets.

This Pet Finder window cling decal is highly visible. It clearly marks the location of your pets room. Should a fire occur, the decal alerts the fire fighters to clear those areas marked.

Highly visible pet stickers alert emergency rescue personnel that pets are inside. Applies easily to windows in homes, kennels, boarding facilities, veterinarian clinics, or anywhere pets reside. Bright red, and white colors stand out and are sure to be noticed.

Make sure your rescue personnel know you have pets...just in case of emergencies!

Dimensions: 4" x 4"
Color: Red/White
Type: Static Window Cling