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Caution Kids At Play Driveway Safety Sign - Two/Pack

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Product Description

Caution Kids At Play Driveway Safety Sign - Two/Pack

A Portable Caution kids at play sign to warn drivers that children are likely to be close by.

Warn speeding motorists that your children are at play!
Made of durable weatherproof corruagated plastic
Actual size is 20" x 12"
Easy to weigh down when weather conditions require

Place at or near driveway, sidewalks, lawns, etc
Color: Yellow with Black Print

Caution kids at play traffic safety sign helps protect children from injury and or death, due to speeding motorist, by increasing community awareness to be on the lookout for children at all times! Kids At Play traffic safety sign. Like bike helmets and car seats, Child at play signs are just one more tool to help keep our kids safe! Did you know Yellow is the first color the eye sees. Alert Motorists that Your Children are Playing, and to SLOW DOWN!! Concerned parents don't have to wait for their town to post a kids at play sign on their street! Portable Caution Kids At Play Traffic Safety Sign.

This is a very handy item for every yard. Displaying it will keep your kids safe from those speeding cars and let you stop worrying. For parents with children this is a great CHILDREN PLAYING CAUTION SIGN for when your kids are playing outside. Kids At Play traffic safety sign. It will become very handy if you live on a street corner where cars are turning or near a busy road. It is also useful if you want to have a party or other outdoor event where kids will be running around. Drivers will love it too! You should consider getting this item if there are constantly alot of kids in your yard. This is also useful if you have pets outside. Environmentally responsible, durable, weatherproof, corrugated plastic. Compare to children at play traffic safety sign.

Helps define "home" & "safety" boundaries for children

The plastic is 4 ml corrugated plastic, thin, light-weight and easy to use and store. If by chance you have a windy day just place a gallon jug of water right in the center and it will keep its position. Or any type of heavy item would be fine depending on how high the winds are. Kids At Play street Safety Sign.

Kids At Play Signs are instantly interpreted and recognizable

Neighborhood Street Safety
School Entrance Sign
School Parking Lots
Daycare Centers
Nursery Schools
Planned Communities
Public Parks
Private Driveways
Apartment Complexes
Neighborhood Associations
Public Parks

Please do not leave your sign outside everyday. Motorists will ignore it if it is out 24/7. Only use when the kids are at play outside, this will make your sign most effective.