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Fast Shipping!
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Reliance® LifeGuard 7 Gallon Water Storage Container & Water Filter

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Product Description

Reliance® LifeGuard 7 Gallon Water Storage Container & Water Filter

Safe Drinking Water Wherever You Need It!

Now you can travel light and leave your bottled water at home - the Aqua-Tainer and LifeGuard Filter will make water from any source drinkable!

The Reliance® LifeGuard Bacteria Filter meets EPA purifier guidelines for removal of Bacteria - (99.9999%) - and Giardia - (99.9%)! Plus, this system is easy to use! Simply fill your reliance water container with water from ANY source, attach the filter cap and spigot, then position the spigot to the "on" position as the container is on its side. Water is then filtered as you pour it from the container! There is no pumping required! This PBA-Free plastic water storage container is designed for comfort and strength.

FEATURES: Output up to 1/4 gallon per minute Filter up to 200 Gallons of water 143 square inches of pleated 0.3 Micron glassfiber media Easy to use - No Pumping

With the Reliance® LifeGuard container with filter, potable water for your camp just became as handy as the nearest clear stream. Seven-gallon container features a 0.3-micron filter to eliminate bacteria, giardia and cryptosporidium from your drinking water.
Filter attaches to screw-on spigot; open the spigot and water flows out, filtered, up to one quart per minute.
If you know your water source is safe, remove the filter and store it in handy side-well for later use.
Filter cleans up to 200 gallons of water.
Spigot attaches to container cap and can be inverted and hidden in the jug for safe storage or for transport.
This handy water carrier features high-impact, food-grade polyethylene construction for water without odor or plastic taste.
Includes a water-level indicator to let you know how much is available at any time.

If you travel - especially if you are an outdoors person - you just cannot afford to be without the Reliance® LifeGuard Bacteria Filter & Aqua-Tainer! Order yours now!

Empty Weight 2 lbs. 6 oz.
Dimensions 15.25" x 11" x 11"
Material Polyethylene Plastic
Capacity: 7 U.S. gallons
Color: Blue