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Fast Shipping!
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RoadPro 12 Volt Car Heater on Swivel Base with Power Cord Model RPSL-581C

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Product Description

RoadPro 12 Volt Car Heater on Swivel Base with Power Cord Model RPSL-581C

Drive in comfort in the winter with Roadpro's 12V Auto Heater. This convenient accessory plugs right into your cigarette lighter and provides immediate close in warmth on those cold winter days! It can even be used to defrost your windows while your car is warming up! With the long power cord you'll be able to give warmth to the passengers in the back seat as well. It can also be attached to your car's back window to act as a defroster. And because it's adjustable 45 up or down and 90 right to left, swivel base no one in your car will be left out in the cold! For immediate warmth and a comfortable ride, order yours today!

RoadPro is the nation's leader in 12-volt electronics and accessories such as 200 watt plug-in auto heaters, versatile heater/defroster units, truck, boat and RV heaters as well as a powerful 300 watt direct wire car, truck heater. Many of these portable 12 volt heaters plug directly into a vehicles power port or cigarette lighter. At Roadpro, we are committed to providing reliable, top quality products as well as support and service. We know that the success of RoadPro is directly linked to the satisfaction of our customers. Because of this, we promise that at RoadPro, quality will always come first.

Works as a heater or a fan for year round comfort
Plugs directly into your cigarette lighter
Includes all installation hardware
Power draw: 152 watts / 12.7 amps.
Safety: 10 amp blade type fuse.
Cord: 6' power cord.
Can be mounted to vehicles dash, top or side panel
Size: Approx: 7"L x 5.5"W x 3"H
Color: Chrome Finish & Black Accents


This Auxiliary car heater provides an overall small but constant warming effect throughout the vehicle.

Why should I buy the 12V DC Auto Heater? If you drive a car that needs additional heating to warm up in the winter then you'll appreciate this 12V Auto Heater. Best of all it does not require you to wire it in! Just plug into your cigarette lighter outlet and your ready for instant warming effect.

MFG Model RPSL-581C

Disclaimer: These heaters are equipped with a safety fuse to prevent accessory damage. Some vehicle charging systems will overload the fuse and prevent the heater from being used on certain models. Constant fuse overload is not due to heater defectiveness and is not sufficient reason for return. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to provide the properly sized vehicle alternator, generator and charging systems that will not overload the fuse provided with these 12 volt heaters.

This heating device puts out subtle heat that is meant as an auxiliary or spot heater not as a replacement for a car heating system. This 12 volt auto heater offers the user a small but constant heat source. Higher unrealistic expectations does not warrant the product defective. A higher heat output would require a higher watt auto heater and a direct wired-in installation.