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Fast Shipping!
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Reflective Safety Leg Bands - 2 Pack

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

These leg Bands reflect light from over 1000 feet, they could save your life! day or night by making you more visible at roadside. Keep your visibility with these easy on, lightweight reflective bands. Great when going for a quick walk, jog or bike ride. They come in a pair for added visibility. JOGALITE

1.5" wide highly reflective tape a full 14" long with a 7" velcro adjustment to provide a superior fit. Lightweight with a felt backing to provide comfort and keep it secure. Our Adjustable Reflective Leg Band is perfect for the person who likes to run at night. 360 degree reflective visibility. JOG-A-LITE Leg Bands

Remember what Mom said! Better safe than sorry! Improve your visibility and safety with these reflective leg bands. Particularly important in foggy, rainy, dim, and dark conditions.

Package of Two

Colors: Lime or White

REFLEXITE® Retroreflective Technology
Superior abrasion resistance
Washable Felt-backed for user comfort
Excellent washability
Reflects color in night & day
Reflective in virtually any weather
Reflective when wet
800’ to 1200’ visibility

How REFLEXITE works:

One square inch of Reflexite contains a complex array of 47,000 cube corner prisms. Each prism returns light back to its source, and permits a wide angle of refraction.

Reflective Arm-Leg Band

- 3M Scotchlite reflexite
- Fits either arm or leg
- Fully adjustable with velcro
- Forms complete encircling band
- One size fits all

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