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Candle Safe Has Secret Storage Compartment

Item #:CandleSafe

Candle Safe Has Secret Storage Compartment

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Candle Safe Has Secret Storage Compartment

A real candle manufactured with a metal container inside

Candles are great decorations and can be placed just about anywhere. The soft colors allow this secret hidden compartment safe to blend right in to your current decor.

The bottom of the candle contains a hidden seal that you remove to put valuables inside. Then simply put it back in place and set the candle out where it would look best.


• Hidden inside a 4" diameter pillar candle is a secret Metal Storage Compartment.

• Premium fossil finish-100% vegetable candle wax.
• Metal container with threded insert, hidden inside candle.

Measures: 4"Dia x 5-1/2"
Secret Compartment size: 3.75" x 2.5"
Weight: 2lb.

Real Burning Candle - "Hide in Plain Site"

The candle diversion safes comes in fossil green, fossil burgundy, or fossil gray.