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Fast Shipping!
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Sierra Cup Stainless Steel Drinking Cup

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Product Description

Use a Sierra Cup for boiling water, cooking, purifying water*, or simply drinking out of.

Up until the last twenty or thirty years you could spot Sierra Club hikers by the small metal cup hanging from their belts. The Sierra cup was used to dip water from streams and lakes whenever one wanted a drink.

These stainless steel sierra cups are very popular with backpackers, scouts, etc. Made to provide years of faithful service. These are high quality made cups, not the typical junkie type found at some stores. Cup features "stay-cool" outer rim and drinking cup handle. Can be used to heat water or cook your freeze dried meal in. Excellent for drinking hot drinks like coffee, tea or cocoa. Great Campsite item.

When you're in the wild, camping or in a survival situation, having something to put water in is a necessity. Finding a source of water but not having anything to carry it to the fire with would be extremely frustrating. With a sierra cup, you're all set. You'll also be able to cook or make tea.

Sierra Cup features a stay cool rim
Camp Cup Hooked handle for hanging
Rugged stainless steel construction
Holds 1 cup/250ml
Handy for backpacking and camping