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Fast Shipping!
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Fuel Storage Bottle, 8.9 oz. 0.3 L

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

Fuel bottles for liquid fuel camping stoves; Carry fuel safely. Standard threads fits Optimus Nova as well as most camp stoves and pumps.

These fuel bottles are manufactured in one piece extruded aluminium - extremely lightweight yet rugged and safe, they come with a corrosion resistant interior coating. Fuel bottles are tough enough to be used on Polar expeditions, in the Himalayas and countless other expeditions around the globe. The fuel bottles are in traditional red finish. Made of high-quality, extruded aluminum, these Fuel Bottles are impact-resistant and O-ring sealed to prevent leakage. Fuel bottles are threaded to accept the most popular stove pumps.

Ideal for transporting and pressurizing all kinds of liquid fuel. Strong and durable yet lightweight. Bottles feature air and leak proof bottle cap. Cap also includes pouring holes for controlled fueling. A lightweight fuel bottle can be a hiker and campers best friend. Fill your camp stove mountain burner. These fuel bottles hold enough liquid fuel to heat gallons of water and cook many meals.

Suitable for any liquid fuel including alcohol. Pressure tested and suitable for use with high performance pump units. Great portable fuel container for liquid-fuel stoves. lightweight, virtually indestructible bottle. Fuel Bottle also includes an internal epoxy coating to make it safe for carrying mehtylated alcohol. Fuel bottle works with all Optimus white-gas, and multi-fuel stoves.

Fuel bottle 8.9 fl.oz. 0.3 L

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