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Snow Claw, Multi-Use Lightweight Survival Backpack Snow Shovel

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Product Description

The SnowClaw is the ultimate backcountry shovel perfect for avalanche rescue, digging out a stuck snowmobile and making snow shelters. -American Snowmobiler magazine

“This is the smartest, lightest, most packable snow shovel around.” “A wonderful safety item for backcountry skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, etc.” -The San Francisco Chronicle

SnowClaw’s patented design allows for the revolutionary load-lifting force of both hands pulling in the same direction. Much more energy efficient than standard shovels –especially critical at altitude. High-Impact Copolymer is an Incredibly tough, flexible material, but transforms into a rigid tool by slightly squeezing the handles together and forming a “U” shape. Aluminum Pro, for those who want a very rigid, heavy-duty shovel. SnowClaw is by far the lightest shovel on the market. So light and easy to pack it won’t get left behind. Talk about Multi-Functional –It’s a Shovel, Emergency Splint, Snow Anchor, Plate, Sled… Fits on or in any backpack with ease.

The SnowClaw is a very different kind of shovel. Imagine a square plastic shield, 12 inches across and 12 inches tall, with four rounded corners and cutout handles on either side. Grab the handles so the plate's concave side faces you and the sharper, bottom edge faces the ground. From a kneeling position, drive the sharp edge deep into the snow, then pull hard on the handles to scoop the snow away to between or beside your legs. Flex the Claw slightly to cut through crusty layers or hard-packed snow.

With its utilitarian dimensions, the SnowClaw lets you dig efficiently in the tight confines of a floorless tent or snowcave (as I discovered during subsequent outings last winter). For outdoor work, like digging a tent platform or designing an alfresco dining area, you might prefer a long-handled shovel, but the SnowClaw does the job just fine if you don't mind kneeling while you scoop. At only 6 ounces, it's light enough to pack along with a standard aluminum shovel, and you'll surely find other uses--sled, seat, dinner plate, emergency splint, and so on.

Many Many Uses!

Avalanche Rescue Shovel
Auto Dig-Out Shovel
Emergency Arm/Leg Splint
Snow Anchor
Tree Shelf/Dinner Plate
Snow Shelter Shovel

6.1 oz / 173g
12.5" W x 12" H
317mm x 305mm
Material: High-Impact Copolymer
Crack resistant to –20°F
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