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Fast Shipping!
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Spark-Lite Survival Fire Starter Kit

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Product Description

Instant flame at a fingerís touch!

When it comes to starting a fire, nothing touches the Spark-Lite for functionality and ease. The official U.S. Military firestarter, the Spark-Lite is simply the best. Extremely light weight and simple to use, no one should be without one in every backpack and emergency kit you own.

The Spark-Lite is an ultralightweight, small firestarter kit that can fit anywhere. The kit includes the Spark-Lite firestarter (operates with one hand, left or right), eight Tinder-Quiks and printed instructions, all contained in a waterproof plastic box that floats. The entire kit weighs just 0.5 oz. and measures 2 1/2" x 1 5/8" x 11/16"... about the same size as a standard pocket lighter. The Spark-Lite is simple to use, putting out a good shower of sparks with little effort. It will last up to 2,000 uses. The included Tinder-Quik tabs will burn for about two minutes each, are waterproof, and can be cut in half if you don't need the entire tab to get a fire going (refill Tinder-Quik tabs available below) The Spark-Lite kit is great for Scouts, backpackers, water sports, or anyone who needs an extremely lightweight, dependable and portable method of starting a fire. Available in Olive drab green or Orange

Using the Spark-Lite Firestarter:

The Spark-Lite is the official firestarter adopted by the U.S. Military. The military contract was won because the Spark-Lite is compact, easy to use with one hand, has a long lifetime, very reliable (even when wet), and is extremely light in weight.

To use the Spark-Lite, you simply roll your thumb over a knurled thumbwheel to generate a flood of sparks that are directed into a pulled-apart and "fluffed" Tinder-Quick Fire Tab, which easily catches fire. Then, you have a hot, wind-resistant flame onto which you may carefully stack small tinder (1-2 mm diameter), and then pencil-sized fuel (5-10 mm diameter), and then larger wood fuel as the fire's heat increases.


Color: Fluorescent Orange
Expected Lifetime: 2,000 Spark Cycles
Burn Time of Tinder-Quick Fire Tabs: 2-3 minutes
Use with other fine tinder sources? Yes
One-handed operation? Yes