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Fast Shipping!
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FloodMinder Sandbag Bucket Kit w/100 Bags & EZ Bagger Tool

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

FloodMinder® Sandbag Flood Barrier Bucket Kit w/100 Bags & EZ Bagger Tool Multi Color Bags

When every minute counts...fill sandbags twice as fast as traditional methods.

All the supplies you need for emergency sandbagging are contained in the Flood Control Kit — except the sand. This Gamma sealed bucket kit includes a quick spin-off lid. Water-Tight Bucket kit will float when fully sealed.

Be safe, be prepared with a good stock of our sandbags. Quick action and bags on-hand could save countless dollars in personal and property damage. Our durable sand bags offer Superior 1600 HR UV factor. We offer many sand bag color and size options to meet the demands of our customers. Stock up on these sand bags while time is still on your side!!

These 100 yellow 14"W x 26"L Woven Polypropylene sand bags are an excellent choice when the strongest material is essential for flood control, levee, trench and berm construction. When covered from ultra violet exsposure these Polypropylene Sand bags will last almost indefinitely. Prepare for winter flooding and hurricane season with our durable sandbags. Flooding will occur in many areas and cause costly damage and may threaten lives. Have piece of mind knowing you have a supply of life and property saving sandbags available to protect your home, your business and possibly a friend.

Flat woven polypropylene durability. Our polypropylene sandbags are available in the following stock sizes for sand bags, and are also used for feed, grain, grass seed, fertilizer, sugar, beans, rice and coal.

The tight flat weave of our sand bags is designed to hold and maintain a superior seal for flood control longer than the old style burlap bags. Sandbags can be tied with the cord provided or filled halfway and flap folded over for maximum jointing for levee placement. Sand Bag Color: Yellow

Additional Sandbags may be purchased from us if a more comprehensive flood barrier is needed or to restock your kit for future service.

Kit Contains:

(1) 6 Gallon Bucket - White
(1) Gamma Seal w/ Quick Spin-Off Lid
(1) EZ Bagger Tool
(100) 14" x 26" Sandbags

Our sandbags are used for the following purposes such as for flood control and protection, reinforcing existing dike structures, erosion control, providing extra weight for portable basketball goals and traffic signs, paintball courses, traction for pickup trucks, as well as many other uses.

Dont loose precious belongings and jeopardise lives to uncontrolled flooding, stock up on these sand bags while they are still available!! We can supply your sandbag needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Immediate shipment of stocked sandbags to anywhere in the continental United States.

Our high quality Sandbags are made with Tough polypropylene material with tie closures and have superior 1600 HR UV factor and comply with government and military.


One Person Sandbag Filler

Simple hand tool performs two critical jobs! During natural disasters, the EZ Bagger is used to fill sandbags. When disaster strikes and minutes make the difference between safety and tragedy, the EZ Bagger fills sandbags twice as fast as conventional shovel methods. Simply squeeze the tool and slide it into a sandbag approximately 3 to 4 inches. The molded cleats and the outward force of the design will keep the sandbag open and in place. The sandbag remains on the ground while crews work from a kneeling position. The user scoops sand, tilts the tool and the sand slides into the sandbag. Once the bag is full, the worker squeezes the tool together and slides it out of the sandbag. The tool extends worker endurance because the weight of the sand is lifted near the center of gravity.

Trench Rescue

During trench rescue incidents, rescuers use the tool to safely remove soil from around a buried victim. Fill Sandbags. All too often trench collapse victims are seriously injured or even killed by the equipment rescuers use to reach them. The new EZ Bagger enables rescuers to dig quickly while they handle the shovel blade directly, allowing them to feel any resistance as they dig. The super compact design of the EZ Bagger enables rescuers to shovel dirt by handling only the shovel blade. Dirt can be removed from the area by attaching a sandbag to the bottom of the EZ Bagger or positioning a bucket at an angle, slightly below the EZ Bagger. Up to eight pounds of soil can be removed with just one scoop and tilt motion. Made of durable, nonconductive polypropylene, the EZ Bagger will withstand the abusive conditions associated with trench rescue work.

Sandbag EZ Bagger Tool Specifications:

Weight: 14 ounces
Size: 15" high x 15" wide x 1/8" thick
Made of recycled plastics