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Fast Shipping!
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Stansport® Pre-Seasoned 5 Piece Cast Iron Dutch Oven Cook Set

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

Complete dutch oven outdoor cooking set. All outdoor cookware is stored in it's own unique Heavy-duty wooden storage box with rope handles

Cook set comes pre-seasoned, ready to use; eliminates the time and effort of seasoning them yourself and will look and preform better than home seasoning. At the plant an electrostatic spray has been evenly applied to all surfaces of your cookware, then baked-on at extremely high temperatures. Now you can use your cookware right out of the box, washing and caring for it as if you had seasoned it yourself.

Cooking items such as roasting, baking simmering, stewing, frying, boiling, steaming, and many others are easly done on the campfire with only a single utensil, the dutch oven. Think of the possibilities, delicious fresh baked bread that will rise up and lift the lid, cobblers made from berries picked fresh at the campsite, incredable deep-dish pizzas, stews, quishes that melt in your mouth, cornish game hens roasted to perfection, and immagine a chocolate cake almost a foot in diameter. These and many, many more are very possible and sometimes easier than they are at home. With very few exceptions, many have been able to duplicate home recipes on the campfire using the dutch oven, even in their own backyard.

Kit contains:

1 Cast iron Pre-seasoned 8 quart dutch oven with lid
1 Cast iron Griddle 9" x 20"
1 Cast iron Fry pan with 10"
1 Lid lifter

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