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Fast Shipping!
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Travel John 3-Day Portable Restroom Toilet Kit

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

Travel John 3-Day Portable Restroom Toilet Kit


Use our portable toilet whenever you have to go! No portable toilet to clean or store, just seal after use and throw away!

Can also be used for sanitary containment and disposal of vomit. Motion sickness bags are commonly distributed to passengers on airplanes and boats to collect and contain vomit in the case of motion sickness. Plastic Seasick bags and airsick bags. Hovercraft-ferry operators and even train companies have also been known to supply airsickness bags. Pregnant women with morning sickness and travelers who know they are prone to motion sickness will sometimes use our vomit bags. Air Sick Bags, Sea Sick Bags.

Standard Features:

• Patented LIQSORB® absorbent pouch prevents leakage • Leakproof design
• Disposable and bio-degradable plastic
• Revolutionary "bag within a bag" design(Gusseted liner and zipper bag)
• Works like our personal disposable urinal with an extra wide spout for easy use
• TravelJohn Solid Waste Collection Bags use the same revolutionary Leak-proof LIQSORB® Pouch and provide the same odorless, spill-proof protection

TravelJohn Restroom kit Includes:

• 3 Solid Waste Collection bags with LIQSORB (Leakproof, Oderless & Spillproof

• Includes 6 resealable disposable urinal bags with LIQSORB (Leakproof, Oderless & Spillproof)

• Includes 9 anti-septic moist hand wipes for disinfection (Antiseptic towelettes clean, disinfect and refresh hands, face & body without soap and water)

• Includes 3 scented tissue pack(20 2-ply sheets/pack) Soft supple two-ply are strong and absorbent, perfect for running noses, toilet paper, in public restrooms, or wherever tissue papers are needed.

Kit Box Size 8"L x 5.5"W x 6"H

Simply dispose of properly after use.

Perfect for:

Traveling abroad
Power Outage
Emergency preparedness
Potty Training
Healthcare Facilites
Pandemic Preparedness