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Fast Shipping!
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3 Way 12 Volt Accessory Adapter with Illuminated Lighter Socket, Model RPPTSP-312

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Product Description

This Triple Outlet lets you use your cigarette lighter outlet to power three 12 volt accessories at one time.

This 3 in 1 multi-socket power adapter for most vehicles including your car or truck expands the single cigarette lighter power outlet into three 12-Volt outlets or two 12-Volt outlets and a cigarette lighter source. Charge your PDA and your mobile phone while operating your portable cd player. With this multi socket adapter, you can enjoy the functionality previously unavailable with your vehicle's single 12-Volt power outlet source.

Converts single power source into triple source
Powers three 12 volt accessories at one time
30" power cord
Includes bracket and double sided tape for mounting
Includes 10 Amp fused lighter plug
Illuminated socket for cigarette lighter or accessories

For use with:

Radar detectors
CD players
Video games
Cellular phones
Fax machine
Air compressor

MFG Model RPPTSP-312