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Ultrasonic Plug-In Rodent Repeller Commercial Ultra - Rat & Mouse Repellent by Agrizap®

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Product Description

Ultrasonic Plug-In Rodent Repeller Commercial Ultra - Rat & Mouse Repellent by Agrizap®

Pest Control Type: Electronic Repellent Insect and Animal Repellent

Our new line of ultrasonic repellers the Rodent Repeller, broadcasts a highly complex intense sound in the ultrasonic range. The intensity for a rodent is analogous to a jackhammer next to our ears. The intense sound creates stress for the rodent. In the animal kingdom, a stressed rodent is vulnerable. Avoiding stressful environments increases the chance for survival and is within the rodent’s biological survival strategy. The Rodent Repeller creates a hostile environment so rodents naturally will try to void it and avoid taking up residency and nesting in the space.

AgriZap ultrasonic rodent repellent device for mice and rats repels instead of using poisons: no rodents die and smell in walls and elsewhere. Three speakers in this mouse repeller create sweeping ultrasound waves in a frequency range of 30kHz to 64kHz at 105 to 112dB creates an acoustically hostile environment that silently drives away small rodents.

Exclusive sweep sound technology and variable frequency technology. Plug in the Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller RRT100 to help drive out mice and rat pests from indoor living areas as part of a total pest control program. Use in homes, apartments, farm buildings, boats, RVs, domestic kennels, and stables.

Directions for AgriZap Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller RRT100:

Mount on wall. The best placement for this product is 0.5 to 1 m off the floor with the speaker aimed at known problem areas. The Ultrasonic sound is highly directional and will be reflected by hard surfaces to literally fill a room with the sound pressure. The AgriZap Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller RRT100 should be used in areas where signs of mouse or rat activity is observed (usually where food is consumed, prepared, or stored). Storage areas and paper products often attract mice and rats.


Use indoors only.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or water to avoid risk of fire or electrical shock.
Avoid use around pet rodents such as gerbils, rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs.

Helpful Suggestions for Friendly, Safe Ways to for Home Rodent Control:

Make it hard for new rodents to enter your home, give them few places to nest, and limit their access to food and water.
Keep lids tight on garbage and loose food, repair plumbing leaks, drain liquid from recycling cans and bottles, remove pet dishes at night.
Regularly recycle paper and cardboard to eliminate nesting places.
Maintain home landscaping around house to reduce nesting areas like tall grass and leaf piles and to reduce pathways indoors via tree branches and shrubs.
Screen all vent openings in crawl spaces, attics and laundry exhausts.
Seal cracks around doors and windows with weather stripping. Properly fit window screens.

Ultrasound is directional and can not penetrate anything solid such as walls. For problems with pest in walls or foundations, contact a professional pest control operator. Ultrasound may not solve any pest problem completely. It is one tool in an integrated pest management program and should be utilized in a combination with other pest control methods for the best results.

AgriZap Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller RRT100 features:

Size each unit: 4.3" x 3.3" x 2.8".
Product weight: 0.55 lbs.
180 degree coverage.
CUL Listed. EPA approved. Insect and rodent control equipment.
AgriZap offers a 1 year limited warranty.