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Fast Shipping!
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Warning Video Camera Monitoring On Premises Property Sign

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Product Description

Warning Video Camera Monitoring On Premises Property Sign

Make the right decision when it comes to your family’s safety and protection.

Professionally designed Video Camera Monitoring security signs announce that your home or business is protected.

Burglars Avoid Homes and Businesses With Video Camera Monitoring Security Signs!

This weatherproof, 9" octagon style home and business security alarm sign is an excellent addition to any home or business electronic alarm system. Just this sign alone can go along way towards deterring crime on your property. Stop intrusions before they happen. Yard Security alarm signs act as an initial and firm warning to any potential burglars or intruders that your home or business is protected.

A small price to pay in time and money so you can make your home or business more secure and reduce your chances of being a victim. These 9" bright easy to read Video Camera Monitoring security yard signs help protect your home, business, and loved ones even if you do not have an alarm system installed. We recommend alarm decals on all first floor windows. You should also consider placing a yard sign & Stake near each entry door. Burglars are looking for an easy target and will normally pass up a home or business which advertises that a security camera system is present. Let them know that they are being watched. Whether you have a security camera, alarm system, or not let them think you have and they will move on to the next property that is less protected.

Please note that images of signs may appear larger than actual size

Sign Wording:

Video Camera
On Premises

Material: Plastic
Octagon Dimensions: Approx. 9"

Sign Color: Blue, White

Signs do not come drilled so that you may drill holes in them or use an adhesive depending on your application for placement on property fencing, gargage door or directly on to building or structure. Our security alarm signs can also be used for placement in home or business windows. Plastic vinyl material assures signs will not split when drilled. We recommed that holes are drilled a minimum of 1" from edge.