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Fast Shipping!
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Zippo Realtree Hardwoods Camo Lighter, Model 451

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Product Description

Zippo lighters are known worldwide for their rugged good looks and reliability.

Zippo Realtree Hardwoods® Camouflage Cigarette Lighter model 451. This Hardwoods® camo pattern Zippo lighter is a must for the shooter or outdoor enthusiast. Somehow Zippo and outdoor sports just seem to go together. Zippo Lighter 451 features a camouflage graphic on a powder-coated, chrome case. This windproof Zippo Lighter comes standard issue with a lifetime guarantee.

Realtree camo blends natural colours, lifelike shadows and photo-realistic tree limbs, stalks and leaves into an incredibly three-dimensional camouflage. High definition offers detail and clarity to a pattern like never before, yet patterns are so neutral that they disappear into virtually any outdoor setting. This version is from the Realtree Hardwoods range. The patterns reveal contrast from light to dark, yet are so neutral that they disappear itno virtually any outdoor setting. A Zippo Camo Lighter is a really great gift for the sportsman in your life.

Because the Realtree camo finsih is a dipped coating applied through an immersion process every lighter displays different views of an overall camouflage pattern.

I bought my Zippo right before hurricane Gloria hammered Long Island with 100 mile winds, I bet my wife that if I stood outside and lit the Zippo it would stay lit. Sure enough it stayed lit! My Zippo and I have been together for so long I knew it wouldn't let me down.

Full color camo silkscreen design by Bill Jordan. Bill Jordan is the originator of the Realtree and Advantage Camouflage brands.

·Realtree Hardwoods® finish
·Standard size
·Wind resistant
·Lifetime guarantee

· MFG Model 451