Safety Central Home Security Survey

Safety Central Home Security Survey

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Safety Central Home Security Survey

Is your Home safe? Have you prepared yourself and your family for a safe and secure feeling at home? Take our Safety Central Home security survey and grade yourself. depending on where you live and the crime rate locally, you may consider a few upgrades based on your results.

Perimeter Security


Do all your exterior doors have a good quality deadbolt lock with no less than a 1" throw?

Are all latch-strike plates on your exterior doors secured with at least 3" screws?

Do your exterior doors with glass within 3 feet of your lock have double-cylinder deadbolts installed on them?

Do all your exterior doors without decorative glass have a wide-angle door viewer installed for identifying visitors?

Are all exterior doors constructed of solid wood?

Have you changed the locks since moving into your home or apartment?

Do you ALWAYS lock ALL your doors when you are home for the night or when leaving your residence?


Do all your sliding glass doors have at least one of the following: track lock, insertion pin lock, hinged door bar, metal or wooden dowel in track?

Do your auxiliary locks prevent the door from being lifted out of it's track?


Does your overhead garage door, if equipped with an automatic opener, use a rolling code for signal transfer to defeat "code grabbers"?

Does your exterior man-door and the door from garage into your home have quality deadbolts and are they ALWAYS used?

Does your overhead garage door, if NOT equipped with an automatic opener, have good quality padlocks installed on both sides of the door?

Do you always close your overhead garage door, even when you are home?


Are all your windows secured with an auxiliary keyed, or hex screw window lock? Are the keys or hex keys readily available in an emergency? If you do not have keyed or hex screw locks, are your windows additionally secured by pins or nails?

Have your auxiliary window locks been installed to allow ventilation while maintaining security?


Is your front entrance well lit to enable you to identify visitors at night?

Do all other exterior entrances have good exterior illumination?

Do floodlights or other type of area illumination cover all exterior sections of your home and property?

Do motion sensors control all your exterior lighting?


Are all your bushes, trees and shrubs trimmed to eliminate areas for a person to hide near your doors and windows?

Have tree limbs been trimmed to prevent access to upper floor windows or balconies?

Have you planted "prickly" or thorny shrubbery near windows to discourage loitering or hiding?

Is all outdoor foliage trimmed to prevent obstruction of exterior lighting?


Are all your gates locked with a quality, weatherproof padlock?

Are all sheds or outbuildings secured with a quality, weatherproof padlock?

Are all valuables stored outside (bikes, ladders, lawnmowers, motorcycles, etc.) secured to a fixed, immovable object?


Are all exterior doors leading to your pool area equipped with a specific door alarm that alerts you when someone has exited without using a bypass/reset?

If your pool area has a secondary fence, is the gate/s secured with a gate lock or auxiliary padlocks?

Is your pool area or property line surrounded by at least a 6 foot high fence?

Is every member of your household trained in CPR?

Interior Security


Do you have several lights within your home set up on automatic timers?

Do you have a working home alarm system?

Do you ALWAYS remember to arm it before you leave each and every time? Are you aware that your alarm system should be armed when you know you will be in your backyard for any length of time?

Do you discontinue mail and newspaper service when on vacation or away on business?

Does your telephone answering machine message avoid identifying that "We're Not Home Right Now"?

Do you arrange for a friend or neighbor to come by and check on your home when you plan on being away several days or longer?

Home Safety


Do you have a smoke detector in each of the following areas: in hallway near bedrooms, near family room and kitchen, top of any stairway, in basement, in garage?

Are there carbon monoxide detectors located in similar areas as smoke detectors with the addition of near your furnace?

Is there an ABC type fire extinguisher located in your kitchen, garage and basement?

Do all members of your household know exactly what to do in case of fire or other emergency?

Do you test your smoke detectors once a month?

Do you replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors twice a year when we change our clocks (savings & standard time)?

Do you store all flammables in original, marked containers away from any source of heat or flame?

Are all your valuable documents and possessions stored in a fire-rated safe?


Are all guns safely stored in a locked box, safe or vault?

Are all guns stored separately from the ammunition?

Are guns that are intended for home protection equipped with a trigger guard lock?

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