Business Emergency Kits Check List

Considering Building your own emergency kits for the office? Here is a comprehensive list of items you should have on hand to cover your staff in case of an earthquake or other natural disaster events in your region. Most these supplies can be found on this site, Safetycentral tream is hear to help you build the proper kit for your region and staff size.

*************EMERGENCY KIT COMPONENTS***************

  • Food Ration 2400 calories(1 day Ration)per person/day
  • Food Ration 3600 calories(2-day Ration)per person
  • MRE(meal-ready-to-eat)complete meal(2)per person/day
  • MRE((entree only)pouched 8 oz.serving(3)per person/day
  • Purified Water packets 4.3 oz. Minimum of 5 people/day
  • Aqua Blox 8.5 oz.purified water box with straw (3)day
  • Barrels(bulk water storage 5/15/20/30/55/ gallon size
  • Water preserver (safely store water for 5 years)
  • Barrel plug wrench opening and closing barrel plugs
  • Barrel Pump 8 oz.per stroke, fits all our water barrels
  • Reflective emergency blanket 52"x 84" silver
  • Reflective emergency blanket heavy-duty 5' x 7'
  • Wool blankets blended material to be light and warm
  • Emergency Poncho (one size fits all)
  • Knit Cap bright orange (one size fits all)
  • Emergency Shelter (tube tent) sleeps (2) 72"x 96".
  • Shelter(Cabin tent for shelter, triage)sleeps 4-10 people
  • Emergency/Survival Sleeping Bag(Brite Orange)plastic.
  • Sanitation Supply Module(tissue, plastic bags, wipes etc
  • Lyme powdered (sanitation, disease, odor control)
  • Anti-bacterial wipes(box of 100)hand and body cleansing
  • First Aid Kits sm, med,lg level of comprehensiveness
  • Trauma Dressing 10"x 30" multi-wound dressing
  • Neck brace (Extrication Collar)adjustable to fit all
  • Heavy duty black waste disposal bags
  • Survival Candle multi-wick (heat, light,cook)
  • Wind & Waterproof Matches (super flamers)
  • Flashlight D-Cell or AA-Cell Krypton bulb
  • Lantern fluorescent area light (small) or (large)
  • Batteries Alkaline(6-Volt square)(D-Cell)(AA-Cell)(AAA-Cell)
  • Chemical Lightsticks (12-hour one-time use)
  • Hand and body warmers (pocket sized)15-hour use.
  • Water carrier/storage bag(use with water treatment tablets)
  • Water treatment Tablets(use with water carrier/storage bag)
  • Radio (basic am) (deluxe solar-windup) or AM,FM,SW,TV.
  • Multi-use Survival Axe(pry,hammer,chop,(useful item)
  • Hard hat adjustable(one size fits all)white or yellow
  • Reflective Vest sm, med, LG,xl orange, white, green
  • Fire extinguisher:(1-A:10BC)(5-B:C)(3A:40B:C)(4A60B:C)
  • Rope 7/8 heavy-duty (rigging, securing)useful item
  • Pry bar 24"(opens doors in earthquakes)pull nails
  • Come along (racket puller with cable and hooks)
  • Folding shovel (handy sanitation control tool)
  • Tarp (heavy duty with tie-down grommets)
  • Goggles anti-fogging design with elastic band
  • Grease pencil (for marking off dangerous areas)
  • Clipboards (useful for names,notes,schedule)
  • Safety Whistle with Lanyard (brite orange)
  • Leather gloves with safety cuff
  • Dust Mask (one size fits all)
  • Duct tape on roll
  • Sheet of clear plastic 8'x 8'(Tarp, windbreak etc)
  • Emergency action guide(what to do till help arrives)
  • Emergency Medical Procedures(CPR, Burns,Splinting etc)


****************STORAGE CONTAINERS****************

The smaller storage containers such as A,B,C,D are an excellent choice for smaller storage requirements such as cubbies,lockers,drawers.

The Medium size Backpacks and waist packs are an excellent choice for their mobility and hands-free design. for AUTO-OFFICE-SCHOOL-WORK VEHICLES-RESCUE ETC.

The Lift latch containers are great for storing your supplies in various locations, mobility, and stackability in all weather conditions.

The large containers(20 /30 /55 ) are great for storage of your bulk supplies in and around buildings, firstaid open areas and can even be buried.

A.4mil heavy duty zip-lock storage bags

B.clear plastic shell Pack w/handle 6-3/4"W x 8"L x 2-1/4"D
B1.Large (first aid type)Box 9-3/16"W x 6.5"H x 2-3/4"D
B2.Medium Plastic (first aid type)Box 7-11/16"W x 4-9/16"H x 2-3/8"D
B3.Small Plastic (first aid type)box 4-5/8"W x 1-7/8"H x 3-1/4"D

C.Nylon Ditty Bag w/pull string closure(various sizes)

D.Tote pack features water resistant Cordura with top handles and two D-rings for attaching a shoulder strap. a reflective strip sewn on one side measures 11"L x 6.5"H x 6"W when packed with supplies. great choice when a compact kit is needed for offices, comfotablevehicles, Cordura airplanes etc.

E.waist pack was made for the most demanding customer it features water resCordurawith five compartments. two adjustable pockets on the sides for holding most sizes of water bottles or whatevers,one zippered rear facing compartment,one large zippered main compartment,one zippered mesh pocket hidden inside the top of the main compartment,waist pack also features two 1" compression straps on the top of the pack to hold a sleeping bag,jacket or ?.Waist comfortable(padded) 2" size with quick a release buckle.The waist belt can be tucked inside of a hidden pouch and pack can be used as tote. Main compartment measures 13" x 7" rear compartment 9" x 21/2". Available in light blue or camouflage.

F.Backpack features water resistant cordura, 4 compartments to manage your supplies, padded shoulder straps, top easy grab handle, roomy main compartment.great choice for mobile hands-free operations.

G.Lifelatch storage containers: features 5-gallon size with no tools needed for opening. easy fold down handles, holds up well in all weather storage conditions.units can be stacked for maximin room efficiency for all business storage requirements. watertight seal assures your emergency products are kept safe for years of trouble free storage.

H.20 /30 / 55/ gallon size rugged polyethylene storage containers are made for all-weather use and will not crack, dent or leak when properly sealed. The easy on-off lid allows quick access to your stored goods when you need them. The lid has a patented grief-grip closure to seal out moisture and dust.

FDA Approved for direct food contact DOT and United Nations Approved Drums Will last for Years Heavy-Duty All-Weather use Great for Earthquake supplies



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